Monday, April 20, 2009

Thanks Monday, you rocked my world!

I am sure my children have some type of sixth sense. Today, just when I was ready to start google*ing gypsies to try and sell them off, they came through with flying colors. BB decided that he wanted to learn how to load the dishwasher (score) and LB remembered that his chore is to clean the bathroom counters with a baby wipe. JB decided that she actually wanted to play with her baby sister (the one she begged for, for 8 years and demanded the return of her younger boy siblings on sight) and even remembered to clean off the bar.

I did a bajillion loads of laundry, well, okay four loads of laundry. Though, you all know how terrible my dryer is, so I am sure there is some 'hazard pay' credit involved somehow. I have all my children's clothes picked out for the week on Monday night (though for my better organized counterparts it may sound like I'm late, around here this is what is known as a miracle) whoo-hoo!!!

I do miss my husband, and from what I hear he had an awful day. However...the thermostat is mine again BABY! Okay, I know I'm lame but, once again, whoo-hoo! To be fair, I did suggest that the kiddos might want to wear their flannel jammies tonight.

My Grandmother stopped by with a whole bunch of cereal and juice for the kids. Unfortunately I couldn't come to the door because I was in the shower. The cereal and stuff isn't stuff I usually let them have, but...I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Free food? Thank you Nana! And y'all caught the part about me being in the shower? Yep! This makes this ENTIRE month of April during which I have showered EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Today rocked!

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