Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am a klutz with bad luck

My favorite grocery store on the face of the earth has betrayed me...again. Well, I'm being a touch dramatic here.

TLL and I went to Whole Foods yesterday so that I could pick up some dinner. I hate to cook, and I refuse to do so for just one person. So, I was all excited about eating one meal (from their hot bar of course) yesterday. TLL was pretty good while I ate, although, the food wasn't as good as it usually is. No biggie, I was hungry, I just ate quickly so as not to savor it too much.

Then we hit the aisles for a little of this and that. You know, little treats for the children when they get back. Oh, and my astronomically expensive canned coffee beverages...if someone would just hook me up with a caffeine IV, I could save so much money.

We checked out, and the bag boy put everything in one bag. *sigh* I have complained (bitched) about this before, but, they have a policy about not using more trees than necessary. If I could only remember my reusable shopping bags each time, then I'd have no qualms with Whole Foods at all.

So, TLL and I are carrying our one bag to the car (because they don't have parking lot cart return either) and holding our umbrella because it has started pouring, when the bottom rips out of the bag. The entire contents of my bag end up in the parking lot. First the glass bottle of Mango juice (JB's favorite) then the pan of tiramisu (BB's favorite) and a four pack of canned energy drinks, canned pineapple, four cans of cat food, two more bottles of juice, a bag of dog treats, a box of cookies, gum, two boxes of kleenex, and two bags (H and LB's favorite treats) of gummy worms. Too much stuff for one bag...right? Right.

I had the distinct pleasure of strapping TLL into her car seat and then trying to clean up tiramisu, glass, and assorted groceries from the parking lot. I tried to save the cat food...not one of my best ideas, it leaked all over my floorboard, and now my truck smells like tuna. Why, why, why does this crap always happen to me? Biggest mess? Must be Viv. Loudest crash? Viv. FEMA aid required? Thanks to Viv.


  1. That really strinks (literally too eh). Could you ask for new...stuff? I get the whole "save a tree", but sometimes they need to think ahead. Especially with no ability to take to your car in the cart.

  2. Did you go in and get new groceries? I hope so. That does indeed stink.