Thursday, April 9, 2009

Around the world in 80 clicks...15 things

Wow! When I read the original post regarding Around the World in 80 clicks over at Her Bad Mother's Blog, I never thought I would be participating. Monica, over at And I'll Raise You 5, changed all that. She got tagged and she passed on the love! I will admit to really liking the way that she approached her post, it seemed to coincide nicely with another one of her posts (which was a great way to vent, click here to read that one) and with a challenge issued by Jodie, over at a mom and her camera. So, since I hear that imitation is one of the most sincere forms of flattery, I think I am going to take a page out of both of their books with my post.

5 things that I hate to admit:

1. H hasn't had a bath since he got his cast. Since I have been made aware of the possible repercussions of getting his cast wet...I decided that I would rather him stink. I do give him sponge baths several times a day, but, they aren't sufficient to erase all proof of his adventures.
2. I am kinda easy going with H's meals. He grazes all day with very little recognition of actual meal time until dinner. He is in the 94th percentile for height and the 98th percentile for weight, with a BMI that made me cry (those are my genes and that is so damn unfair) so I think that no permanent damage is being done by my lazy Mommy approach.
3. I hate taking my kids to birthday parties. My daughter has one on Saturday and I am totally planning on pawning her off on BFF's mom who is also going. I don't know these people, chances are we don't have much in common, I hate crowds, and I DON'T WANNA!!!!!!
4. I NEVER check to see if my children get all the shampoo out. I figure better soap than dirt, so I just let this one go. My mother swears I am going to permanently damage my children's heads because the soap will make them itch, so they'll get the idea. I haven't noticed any itching, if I had I would probably go into, "Oh my God...not lice" freak out mode.
5. I am an organic food freak. Please note that it started out as a quest to feed my husband food that is better for him. He has had two heart attacks. I am crazy about trying to pump foods into him that have been shown to lower cholesterol, foods that act as natural anti- inflammatories, and foods that have lots of antioxidants. Then I read that chemicals in pesticides (on conventional food) can be counter productive to eating lots of foods that are high in antioxidants. Organic eating became a quest...and one that I am darn good at. I also decided that if I was going to feed my husband the best, I should do the same for the children and myself. I spend no more on my groceries now than I did before we made the change. Maybe a little more on cleaning products, but, I really do like doing my part for Mother Earth.

5 things that I didn't know were going to suck about motherhood:

1. Children that talk back. When you start out with a sweet little baby, you can never make the leap from that bundle of joy to a surly preteen. At least, I couldn't make my mind go there. Now we ARE there, and I hate it.
2. Having to fix meals for your children, when seriously you are so damn tired and don't understand why cereal can't be good enough...just this once.
3. NEVER getting to have an adult conversation without one of those aforementioned surly preteen children stopping by to find out WHO you are talking to, WHAT you are talking about, and WHY it is necessary that you talk to anyone that isn't them.
4. Having to bite back the impulse to say, "just leave me the fuck alone," ten times a day. This often coincides with number 3. Sometimes, the "mom" that is repeated until I answer, in a voice that increases by several decibels each time it is said, feels like little bullets hitting my brain. There are times, when I am trying to put a sleeping baby down in the crib, or when I am on the phone with the school's principal that I just can't answer. Since it isn't like I'm wearing shoes or know where my car keys are...I am obviously not running please just wait a second.
5. Temper tantrums. Okay, I had heard about the terrible twos...but the threes, fours, fives, sixes, sevens, and so on too? What the hell is this?

5 things that I love about being a Mom:

1. Babies. I LOVE babies. The first year of life is so awesome. I really don't care about never sleeping or about spit get to hold that squirmy baby who is MINE all MINE!!! I love babies.
2. Toddlers and learning. There is nothing as funny, cute, or pride inducing as my little ones telling me all about the big bad world, how it works, and what their place is in it. I love this stage where everything is magic to them. It makes the tantrums and constant boundary pushing worthwhile.
3. Cuddles. I love how even the most surly of the preteen crowd, will pick a quiet moment (away from witnesses) to come and just be hugged and kissed and loved. THAT is one part of my job that I take really seriously.
4. Excitement. When all the chips are down for Mom and Dad, and all I really want to do is cry, I just have to look at my kids. Seeing the excitement on their faces, the eagerness for the world to be theirs...I know that no matter what is going on behind the scenes, the real goal is getting accomplished. We may be imperfect parents, but, we are still raising helluva good kids.
5. The word "Mom" every time it is said without the whiny undertone, and even sometimes when it is. My kids make me feel like a rock star. I may not be a household name, but, I mean enough to these guys that it completely makes up for it.


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  1. Viv, I loved your lists of 5! Great post. Did you happen to hear the woman who wrote "True Mom Confessions" on NPR the other day? I think she also has a website, which I haven't had the time to google yet, but it looks like fun. Plenty of comraderie there, I bet!

    Nice job--

  2. On The Meanest Mom's blog, there is quite a bit of Dooce bashing going on (not by the author, but the comments...oh my) and I think that is the same person. I read some of her blog, and I think that she is pretty funny, but, her blog is currently full of her PR schedule...not her kids. Wish I could relate, but, sadly I cannot. I think I will check out "True Mom Confessions" though. I already have "Confessions of a Slacker Wife" sitting on my coffee table, which is fiction (I think) but I was told was LOL funny.

  3. Hey. Thanks for the shout out. I have been caught up in autism hell for the last few weeks and it is starting to bring me down. I guess he got the memo that it is autism awareness month.
    I am bouncing back though, and will continue the train.
    You are awesome!