Monday, April 6, 2009

Okay...I know I'm beating a dead horse

In the waiting room...
Hubby: H keeps hitting me with his cast. Do something!!!
Me: *Quietly wondering why I am supposed to solve the problem. Am I the only parent present?*

In the parking garage...
Hubby: I hated H riding in the back of the stroller yesterday. I want you to put him up front today.
Me: H rides better in the back.
Hubby: Just do it the way I told you to. forward three minutes...

Hubby: Why in the hell is this stroller so hard to push?
Me: H has his feet in the wheels. He also locked the front wheels with his sneaker.
Hubby: What the f*#k is this? I'm not going to help if he is going to act like this.
Me: Would you like to stop and switch H to the back of the stroller? Where he can't reach the wheels?
Hubby: No. He is fine.

In our kitchen...
Hubby: *sitting at the bar eating his dinner*
Me: BB, JB, LB, H...wash your hands and come downstairs. Dinner is ready!
Hercules: I wanna go outside!
Hubby: Where are your shoes?
Hercules: Here they are. *hands them to his Dad who puts them on his feet*
Hubby: LB, go outside with H and watch him. *opens door for kids*
Me: *pulling on pants, I was in my pj's*
Hubby: Where are you going? Come get your plate. *he is sitting back down at bar and eating*
Me: To get the kids. I need to feed them dinner before I eat.
Hubby: Why?
Me: LB is too little to watch H. It is okay (sorta) if they are playing out back, but never out front. Also, most parents feed their children before themselves.
Hubby: Oh. *looking completely disinterested and eating his dinner*


  1. Men. If they'd ever admit to being wrong the world's problems probably would have been solved long ago.

  2. I am not sure how you are doing it right now. WTF.
    Also for delayed vaccination schedules, see Dr. Sears delayed schedule or Dr. Stephanie Cave has a book that is helpful. Google either name with delay vaccination schedule and you should get the info you need.
    I delayed my daughter and chose to skip a few. We never get flu shots. We also use mercury free dentist.

  3. Did you have a hidden camera in my house? Oh this sounds so much like a conversation we might have. Makes me so frustrated. But my MIL reads the happy family blog, thanks to the hubby telling me to email it to her even though he doesn't read it, so I gotta watch my Ps and Qs and maybe use my secret blog more so I can complain. After all that's what it's there for.