Sunday, April 5, 2009

12 years of marriage summed up like so

H: No fun for the rest of my life. Just kids.
H: Yeah, alimony and child support, I like that. Like that would happen.
H: *sigh* Work hard, and there is nothing left. Nothing. Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like?
H: *finally addressing me* Honest to you, this is all your fault. Is all your fault, all these kids. Really it is you know. Women have more control over these things, it's true.

  • My husband can be a huge jackass.
  • I'm so thrilled that he is here to screw up my routine for the next two weeks.
  • An added bonus is all the sunshine he is bathing us in while he's here.
  • If you are wondering what prompted the monologue...? So the fuck am I.


  1. Oh, Viv, I'm so sorry. Everything is so much worse in the golden light of marital discord.

  2. The best that I can do for you right now is take your side and say he does indeed sound like he can be quite the Jackass. I hope things improve for you soon.