Friday, April 24, 2009

Mom is now spelled with a scarlet A

Yesterday was NOT my greatest any given time during the day. It was shopping day. We got out of the house darn early because I was down to the formula in the bottle TLL was drinking at the time. Two stores, with two kids, after putting the baby in a regular car seat means that I was trying to push a double stroller and pull a shopping cart behind us. WTF I'm going to do after the baby arrives is a mystery. I'll probably only be able to leave the house if the big kids are with me so that we can each push a cart.

I was exhausted way before the kids got home. After they arrived, it was a flurry of activity. We had to get ready for JB's choral program, all the children's parent night, and the book fair. At school we ran into JB's BFF. Who asked if she could come home with us. Since her mom just took JB to a birthday party in my stead (BFF was also attending) I felt obligated to allow her to join us. We hadn't eaten yet (of course) so after we left the school (after 8:00) we went to Whole Foods and got pizza. The options are limited when feeding BFF because they are practicing Muslims, so any meat must be halal. At dinner H accidentally pulled his straw out of his drink and a tiny drop landed on BFF's pizza. She threw it away immediately and informed me that she was still starving, so I bought her another slice. Which she ate exactly one bite of. Inviting herself to join us and then adding to my exhaustion are great examples of why BFF isn't my favorite person.

I also need to be ashamed of myself...according to my 11 year old, I am a scarlet woman. One of the stock boys (I use the term loosely, he is about 40) asked he if he hadn't just seen me there (at the market) with only one child. I laughed and (happily) shared that BFF isn't mine, and that he must have seen us over Spring Break when most of the brood were away. We spoke briefly about his own daughter who is TLL's age, and that was all folks. However, my 11 year old immediately hissed that I should be "horribly ashamed" of myself for flirting with "that guy."

I was treated to a car ride home during which we discussed what flirting is. Whether or not I was guilty, and if "that guy" was indeed hitting on me. I'm sure BFF's mom got an earful. At one point, I even tried to reason with BB. I suggested that IF I were to try and replace his father it would NOT be with a stock boy, or when I was 8 months pregnant. I also suggested that most women (myself included) would also apply make-up, brush their hair, wear a shirt that didn't have a hole in it, and not accessorize with all their children if they were attempting to flirt with anyone.

I thought I had made my point, until he said good-bye to me today..."I'm going to school now, please try to not throw yourself at any strange men while you're out of my sight."


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