Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Diapers, casts, ties, and happily ever after

The weather is awful here, for the second day in a row. Unfortunately, today I really NEED to go to Costco. The alternative is to learn how to use a cloth diaper, really fast. Have I mentioned how much I hate to drive? That feeling is intensified about ten fold when the roads are wet. Ugh. There are other factors motivating me as well. We used the last paper plate last night and I hate doing dishes. I still have 100 free prints to redeem at the photo kiosk and I really want to see some of our Easter pictures on good old fashioned photo paper. The food court is beyond reasonable, H and I can both eat lunch there for three dollars. He actually eats a whole foot long hot dog by himself. So, it looks like we'll be heading out to Costco today.

H's x-ray yesterday was good. We don't have to go back until the first week in May when they will probably take his cast off! Yay! He has figured out that his cast is a lethal weapon. He cuffed me in the head with it yesterday at the hospital a half dozen times. I am choosing to believe that he was acting out because he was scared, which is probably total bullshit, but it makes me feel better. I am also still nursing a slightly black eye from taking a shot from his cast in the dead of night. It hurt so badly that it woke me up, while H slumbered on oblivious. They offered yet again to recover the cast with a new color, but I again declined. After hanging out in the waiting room for better than two hours, I decided my time was more important than cosmetic improvements to his cast.

BB is under the impression that he will need to wear a suit and tie for his 5th grade graduation. I hope this is just his imagination in overdrive. After shelling out mucho dinero for H's arm and getting Hubby's tires and oil changed, I would prefer not to have to buy a suit for a child that will wear it once for a couple of hours. My parents are planning to drive up for this glorious occasion, and my grandparents and assorted aunts and uncles are also expected to attend. Is it just me, or is my family overreacting a bit to an elementary school graduation? I can assure you, he isn't the first in our family to attain this milestone. The graduation is June 1st and I am due June 7th. I am NOT looking forward to all the company, because, in case you thought I invited them...nope. Of course, being my family...they won't let a little thing like an invitation stand in their way. *sigh*

Okay that is all for random thoughts that are bothering me at the moment. I will now turn my attention to my overly needy children. Damn good thing they manage to coordinate their own crappy moods...I can't imagine what life would be like if only one were screaming at a time.


  1. This reminds me of the 'Incredibles' movie. They argue over whether or not the boy is graduating. Mr. Incredible says "He's not graduating, he is moving from the 5TH grade to the 6TH grade."
    Hope Costco turns out well for you.

  2. Don't you just love lunch at costco? Can't beat it.

    Can you try a thrift store for a suit or reasonable facsimile thereof? I've had good luck with one near me for "special" occasions that required some piece of clothing I didn't want to shell out real money for.

  3. Don't you just hate when your kids are asked to dress up for special occasions - in clothes that you don't own?! Let's hope it's truly in his head. If not, I say you blame it on pregnancy and say you forgot. Save the moolah.

  4. I love the blame it on pregnancy and say you forgot advice: since for me it's nearly always true!

    :) Monica