Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Procrastination vs. action

Things I've done so far today:
  • Washed and sterilized 13 bottles.
  • Scrubbed stains out of 15 of my boys' polo shirts.
  • Fixed breakfast and lunch.
  • Fed dogs and cats.
  • Put TLL down for her nap.
  • Begged, pleaded, and cajoled H to take a nap...to no avail.
  • Cleaned up doggie puddle in the front hall.
  • Cleaned up doggie sick from my sofa. (no idea what she got into)
  • Cleaned up a flood from living room tile.
  • Cleaned out the fridge because I couldn't find the strawberries.
  • Talked to my mother on the phone. (not my favorite activity)
  • Gotten the big kids dressed, hair brushed, and off to the bus stop.

Things I should have done so far today, but, sadly haven't done:

  • Brushed mine and H's teeth.
  • Showered.
  • Given H a sponge bath. (I so hate that cast)
  • Eaten anything.
  • Had something to drink.
  • Gotten dressed.
  • Gotten H dressed.
  • Paid Hubby's rent.

Why am I always behind?


  1. Behind? It was 9:30 and you already had lunch made. How is that behind. Now I think I have low expectations.

  2. LOL...no matter how many times I fix the clock Blogger always resets it, so I gave up. It was actually around 1:30.

  3. I kind of figured :) But you still did a lot. Of course I'm at work all day so the last thing I want to do when I get home is house work.