Monday, April 27, 2009

Hey, gift horse...I'm talking to you!

Today I got my nose all out of joint. At least that is how my mother would phrase it. A couple of weeks ago, my son was talking about a suit for his graduation. I fervently hoped that it wouldn't actually come to pass that he needed one, and he doesn't. About that time, my father mentioned to my grandmother that my son wanted a suit. She (a former teacher) shot the idea down. However, she sent me an email asking if there was anything she could do. I sent back a thank you, but, no thank you response.

Today I get an email from my grandmother, telling me that she and my aunt (with whom my son spent the weekend) bought him the clothes for his graduation. I didn't know about the clothes, because my aunt asked my kids to keep it a secret when the children all told her that it might make me mad. *Hello? Hint anyone?* It isn't that I don't appreciate them wanting to help, it is more that I want my son to present himself in a certain way...which I want a little control over. Of course, it helps that Hubby and I picked out clothes for everybody to wear to the graduation this weekend. It also bears to mention that my aunt's fashion sense isn't at all similar to my own. From what I understand, it is a white short sleeve dress shirt (with a print) and a striped tie. Print plus print = not on my kid.

The email also made reference to my children going to the beach with my parents, who would be taking them to the graduation on that Monday morning. Umm...excuse me? Not only is this the first I've heard of it, but...NO! That explained why I wasn't given the clothes for his graduation though. *sigh* My family makes me CRAZY. I called my parents, who basically denied all knowledge of anything to do with anything. *Though my mother called back to say it was all my father's idea, before hanging up on me because my father was back home.*

I'm just irritated all around. The last thing that I want to do is hurt my aunt's feelings, but, I'm not going have him wear what she purchased in order to prevent this. I'm also not pleased that she thinks that it is okay to tell my kids to keep secrets from me. Sorry, but that is a big time no-no in my book. I am a touch aggravated that my grandmother wouldn't let, "no thank you" suffice. I am totally angry with my parents. I appreciate that they are coming. I am happy that they will be here (at least sorta) but I am furious that it would even enter their minds that I would let my children spend a school night at their hotel, much less, that I would be okay with not even seeing my kids (and checking out how they look) until I get to graduation.

I'm just wondering how all of this was supposed to play parents would have picked the kids up to go to their hotel at the beach on Saturday (maybe) and told me that they would be home Sunday morning...but what then? Call and ask if they could stay another night? Doubtful, they would know the answer was no. Maybe, just call and say they weren't bringing the kids home? What? Why?

Why ruin the day for me because my son is mad that he couldn't have another night with the Grandparents? Why ruin the day for my son by making him upset? Why?

Am I being totally ridiculous? Maybe I'm just paranoid since they tried to procure a passport for my son without my knowledge. Maybe it just sucks to have (grand)parents that think they have the right to make decisions for me still. Maybe I am entitled to feel pissed? Yeah, I like the last one.


  1. Wow, that is a little much. A passport, for why? Nope, you have a right to be mad. They are your kids by the way.

  2. The passport was for a business trip my father was taking to somewhere in Africa a couple of summers ago. He planned on taking my then 8 year old son with him and leaving him alone in his hotel while he was in meetings. They assured me that they were going to tell me...only they wanted it to be a surprise.