Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why I hate gravity and am loved by the Angels

Dear Victoria's Secret,

I promised myself (okay, husband) that if my new bra broke again within three months of purchase that I would be done with you for all time. Apparently, Victoria's Angels were listening though. Yes, my new bra did break. Yes, it was well within the three month self imposed limit. But, this time, instead of the under wire snapping, the strap broke. It happened while I was out to dinner with my husband. Who wanted to know why my left breast was sitting 3-4 inches south of my right one. When I explained that the strap on my bra had broken, and he himself noted the the difference between being with the Angels or without...he insisted I go buy a new bra from you. Like STAT.


The woman who wants to know why everyone but V.S. assumes that all women larger than a certain size want to be minimized and are adept enough to hook 15 rows of latches????


  1. Ha. That is too funny. Do you like their bras? I am always scared away by the size zero sales girls with the tape measures draped around their necks...

  2. Kim, I love their bras. I accept that given greater strain, my bras probably don't last as long as the average girl's. However, I've been wearing their Miracle Bra for as long as they have been miraculously making it in my size.

  3. I won't even ask how big that certain size has to be, because when I was a D they were all "lets perk those puppies up" and then I had boobies right under my chin and had difficulty seeing the small children clinging to me. That was a fail. I wanted to be minimized, for crying out loud.