Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Okay, through the fabulous world of blogging, a new bloggy pal has come into my life. She is a pretty awesome gal, and she hosts a Wednesday feature called Willowjak Wednesday Warriors. This Wednesday she has really put herself out there on her blog. I am loving her post, because, boy, oh boy, can I do *un*perfect. So, I'm following in her footsteps today and letting her know that I can never try my hand at being one her Warriors because:

  1. I cry at least once a week too. I do feel sorry for myself. I miss my husband. I miss being part of a team. Also, I cry when I get overtired, which I am a lot.
  2. Actually, I'm cool with mice, I think they are kinda cute, but, I am terrified of bugs and lizards. If an insect or a lizard were crawling on my child, we would end up at the E.R. and then CPS would get called in, because my method of removal would have to be vacuum hose extraction, which as you might have noticed, I don't think would end well.
  3. I eat organic. Sadly, this includes quite a bit of organic wine and beer...which goes well with organic cheese and chips. Which means that the number on my scale is saying, "jeez Babe, you gonna lay off those binge nights soon, right?"
  4. Mint Bailey's rocks! There is nothing bad that can be said about a person who starts their day off with Mint Bailey's, that person just has really good taste.
  5. My wrists hurt. I tear up when I write, or pick up a baby, and sometimes I can't take a shower because it hurts too much to unsnap my bra. I won't go to the doctor because I don't want to hear what is wrong. *Better living through denial Baby!*
  6. Shallow? I can do shallow. I fell for my husband because his biceps measured 32" in circumference...each. He also has a really sexy five o'clock shadow. There are times I look at him now and I'm sad for the physique he used to the extra 40 pounds I'm carrying are super sexy!!!???
  7. I guess I could run, if a lizard was chasing me, but, I don't really want to find out. Physical exercise is highly overrated.
  8. I am always a miserable bitch, but, sometimes I hide it better than others. This is what stress can do to a girl. I'm hoping that it will pass with time.

One drink you should definitely try if you like Bailey's? A Popped Cherry.

1/2 shot Bailey's (maybe a little more)

1/2 shot DiSarronno (no extra here)

half and half to taste

Serve over ice or chill as a shot. Top with a cherry...because (my turn to be vulgar) it isn't the cherry, it's the box it came in that matters!


  1. I think you seriously need a girls night out. Or in. I'm just saying. ;)

  2. LOVE IT!!!!
    You crack me up. We were definitely destined to meet up in this bloggy world.
    Don't forget to go back to my blog to put your post in the Mr. Linky thingy.
    Thank you!

  3. Regarding the "hair removal", you are so right. It is something you can't/don't think about when you have multiple children. I love your comment about how it wakes you up at night. You are right...I'm glad I'm not the only slacker mom who thinks that way. I totally feel like the slacker when it comes to taking care of myself.