Monday, October 19, 2009

I love cold weather!

This past weekend was a busy one. I had been eagerly anticipating the weather. For the first time in better than a year, the high temp dropped out of the 80's (or worse) and the high for last Saturday was 67 degrees! I have been in heaven. When the temps drop, I get busy. Saturday we went to the zoo, out to dinner, and to the pumpkin patch. Sunday we stayed home and I cleaned, made beef stew, for which I sacrificed a half a bottle of organic red wine, mashed potatoes to serve with it, and baked pumpkin pie for dessert. Tonight we are having leftover stew (isn't it always better the next day) and shoo fly pie. I even had chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven as the kids came home from school today.

LB, JB, Mommy, Leila, BB, TLL, and H on the tractor

TLL climbing into her pumpkin carriage

I am off to walk the dogs! I. Love. The. Cold. Just ask my kids, I drove them to school this morning with all the windows down basking in the forty degree temperature!

LB, BB, JB, H, and S at the zoo...scaling the walls of course!

My little pumpkin

No worries, by Wednesday it'll be back in the 80's and I'll be over my Martha Stewart like glee.
H and Mommy at the zoo


  1. I guess you weren't kidding about being jealous of my snow!

    What is shoo fly pie?

  2. I love the cold too. It is the one thing that could cause my wife to leave me some day. She does not love the cold so much.