Sunday, October 18, 2009


Apparently, this was the morning of my scheduled intervention. My eldest son sat me down (while I was sipping on my third cup of joe) and educated me about caffeine and the ill effects it has. He told me that he was concerned that I have become too reliant on coffee, and that he worries about my health. He informed me that I will have to drink more and more coffee to achieved the desired effects because my body will build up a tolerance. At that point I excused myself to brew another cup as I heard my coffee maker prime, "no ships* Sherlock," I said because he won't take it personally, and because, well...No. Shit. Sherlock.

*"Holy Ships!" is a quote from the movie El Dorado, when my oldest was 2-3 he repeated it at every opportunity. It is still a favorite substitution around our house for less appropriate words today.


  1. I am on my 5 . . . no, 600th cup. it's either coffee or daddy is a sobbing exhausted mess, so we stick with coffee.

  2. Coffee is my soother. Until my gut punishes me for it.

    My eldest loved Gwen Stefani's song lyrics "This Shit is Bananas B-A-NA-NAS!" But he knew it as "This Ship...". It's what he sings whenever he wants to swear. Love it.

  3. Viv, hubby just pointed out that we are OUT OF COFFEE for tomorrow morning. CRISIS! Must...solve...crisis. We will be ro-cham-bowing (i kinow there's a real french spelling for that) for who gets to make the post bed-time run to the store...

  4. Just hand him some coffee and he'll never judge you again.