Monday, October 12, 2009

What is purgatory?

The Catholic Church describes purgatory (loose translation will follow) as a temporal state during which sins are paid for in full. I define purgatory as spending two full days at the coin laundry, doing a dozen loads for nine people, in Florida, in October, in ninety plus degree weather, without air conditioning, because my washing machine is on the fritz. Could the Pope and whomever this may concern note that several of my markers are 'paid in full' please? Thanks.

Seriously, I think that I have been suffering from heat exhaustion yesterday and today from my laundry marathon. *Hubby, after many (many, many) years of scoffing at appliances as gifts, I am totally willing to talk about an early visit from Santa, during which the Sears delivery guy brings gifts in his stead*

My three year old who is resisting bedtime with all his mighty will is causing me to suffer from other types of exhaustion too. My patience is exhausted. My compassion, humor, mind, and body are all exhausted as well.

Please, please, please little children (and big ones too) stop talking to me. Just for a minute, or only one of you talk to me at a time, it would be such a nice change, such a big help...really.


  1. Can you pull a hubby and hide in the toilet for a half hour? It always seems to work for mine. :S

  2. I just gave you an award on my blog, if that makes you feel any better...

  3. Viv, I feel your pain so, so much! I actually got away from my house/family for about 5 hours yesterday, and found that I could actually stand being around them when I got back. Any chance you can get away for a few hours? After many nights of being completely thrashed by dinnertime, and therefore a witch of a mommy at bedtime, I arrived home AFTER dinner, and was able to be a decent (not fabulous) attentive mommy to the masses. Time + Space = Better Mommy.

    Thanks for the award love, btw! Let's see if I can muster up the energy to do the question thingy...

  4. ONly thing I hate more then appliance problems is car trouble. Blah!

    And is it a full moon. My 3yr old is giving me a heck of a time at bedtime too.