Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's raining cats and dogs...Florida style

You guys do remember me mentioning that I am terrified of lizards? No, well I am. I am not from a part of the country where lizards are prevalent and they freak me out. Badly.

So, because I am irrationally frightened of them, they find me everywhere I go. Yesterday, I was leaving Whole Foods and this happened:

A lizard fell out of the sky onto my windshield. I stopped the car and fortunately I was rescued by the bag boy, who picked it up (with his hands...eeeeeewww!) and put in in the grass.

Stupid lizards. Why can't I run into other Florida wildlife like black bears and gators? I'm not afraid of them!


  1. LOL, that's actually a cool picture. It looks like the lizard jumped from a rock (rear view mirror) and is falling.

  2. I love that you got a picture of it before being rescued as the damsel in distress that you were.

  3. AAAACcckk! I would die. I'm such a weeny. Ew. What if you flicked your wiper blades by accident..