Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

My older boys spent the weekend at my grandparents' house. It was good for them to get away from the lure of their video games and computer stuff. They had a good time with Nana and Papa. The house was really quiet without them. I even got to take a nap on Saturday after they left.

My oldest daughter was a goddess this weekend. She was really helpful and just happy... it's so nice to be around little rays of sunshine like her. She also had a little bit of special fun this weekend. BFF's mom came by and invited her to go to the park with them yesterday. She also brought me a whole bunch of oranges. She is a really lovely lady. This weekend I will finally return the favor. Not sure what I'll bake yet, but, we'll make extra and take some over to her family.

The high point of my weekend was being pumped about Super Sunday and all of the wonderful hockey games I was going to get to watch. I missed seeing Russia play because our landlord (aka, my brother-in-law) came over to get estimates for removing the dead pine tree. What do you know? The quote I gave him was the far.

The low point was finding out that the USA wasn't televising the USA vs Canada match up on regular cable. The people at NBC are assholes. Instead, there was ice dancing. Who gives a shit about ice dancing, I ask you? So...instead of a nation overflowing with national pride in the amazing (I assume...because I didn't see it) endeavors of our Olympic hockey team...we're talking about the costumes the ice dancers wore. Piss me off much? You betcha. After the Olympics the people at NBC can suck my...don't have one of those dammit never mind.

Anyone see Bill Maher Friday night? Or at some point this past weekend? I love Bill Maher. He is such a douche bag...I think that is part of his appeal. He had Seth MacFarlane on, probably one of my favorite guests of all time. He is SO funny, and he is smart, like really can just tell. He was addressing Sarah Palin's outrage over the character from his show dating a girl with Down Syndrome (who happened to have a mother who was the former governor of Alaska.) She managed to piss off the actress (who has Downs IRL) that played the part by championing for her. Look, I want to like Sarah Palin. She is a woman, a mother of five, she's even a brunette. I can't bring myself to do it though. I think she is a total retard, no wait, that isn't politically correct, someone will take offense nincompoop.

That's it. Love my kids. Love the Olympics. Love hockey. Love Bill Maher and the Family Guy dude. Don't love Sarah Palin or NBC. I think that pretty much sums up the weekend.


  1. Your re-cap cracked me up! I'm up in the air about the Family Guy thing. I've watched it, yeah I've laughed. However, I do think they went to far with the Sara Palin comment. Not that I am a big fan of hers, but it was just too close to home with the downs syndrome. Maybe I'm sensitive about it because I have two best friends with siblings that are affected. Am I going to ban Family Guy because of it, probably not.

    Yeah you know where I stand on the NBC thing. I'm still bitter this morning.

  2. Winter Olympics! Leaf-Peeping! Belorus Vs Iceland! Next, On NBC!

  3. "After the Olympics the people at NBC can suck my...don't have one of those dammit never mind."

    I almost peed my pants, I love that comment!

  4. One mind, you and me. I think I might be in love with you. Unfortunately I am watching Ice Dancing right now, hoping that at one point the Aerials might come back. I know the Aerialists so I feel like I have a connection. Bob Costas is about to be bitch-slapped by me. Really Bob, how old are you? Did you see my profile picture? I am at least 15 years younger than you and I have gray hair. Pull your head out Bob and let it go gray or bald already. NBC sucks ass.