Thursday, February 18, 2010

Double '0' Mom and other stuff

I came downstairs last night to find my son hovering over the computer screen trying to keep me from being able to see what was on it. I let him have his privacy, I walked in the kitchen and fixed a cup of tea before telling him it was bedtime. Immediately after he went upstairs I did what any good [spy] mother would do. I checked our browser history. He was busy googling, "teen sexual health/is my penis normal?" The silver lining? It wasn't porn. On the cloud side? I haven't any idea how to handle this. How long can I procrastinate? How much time can I buy myself? Ugh! Is there any way I could hit rewind? Go back a year to explaining that 'antiperspirant' doesn't go on your forehead even though your forehead does indeed perspire?

In other news, my daughter's teacher wanted to ask my aunt to listen to her students read and to mark their mistakes. I am pretty stressed about this because I'm afraid that she couldn't do it. I think my aunt has one of the biggest hearts around, and there is no doubt that she would enrich the lives of the children she interacts with. She is not however, a very advanced reader herself. She has a learning disability that she had to overcome, and she is quite amazing for having done so. I'm not sure though, that she is a fast enough reader to keep up with my daughter's classmates.

I am very conflicted about all of this. Advice is welcome.


  1. Tell him "Yes, as long as you keep it to yourself."

  2. Oh good grief, thank goodness I had girls, I don't know what to do with those parts! I say buy him a book and don't sweat the small stuff:)

  3. Oh god. hello? why not get the mr. to do it... he has one, knows whats what and all....
    and how does your daughter's teacher know your aunt? whut? why not ask the aunt if she'd like to? she might...

  4. uncles? trusted men of age? stranger who sort of 'looks' responsible? george? I'd just tell the teacher she isn't able.... for whatever reason...

  5. As a Mother of a 20 yr old & a some what step Mom to a 12 yr old with another boy who is 9. I'll just say that I've been there.

    While I am sure my husband had "the talk" with my oldest I also had a talk with him. I wanted him to be comfortable with his changes, but I also wanted to teach him respect for women.

    You will handle it fine, however if you want let me know & I'll send you an email with some of the things I talked to Roo about.

    uh yeah also I'm just letting you know that at some point the porn will start. He'll get curious, the boys at school will tell him about sites, etc. So I'll warn you that you will at some point have to explain that it is natural that boys/men are visual by nature & truly enjoy looking. However, you'll need to somehow explain that computer porn isn't the answer. Women vary on this subject & I am probably more liberal. Not that I allowed Roo, but I was careful to not make him feel like it was a shameful thing.

    As far as the teacher. Be honest, I think it would do your Aunt more harm to put her in a situation where she couldn't keep up with the reading level. Maybe suggest a different activity?