Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday

Last night's game was fantastic. I am still mourning for Dallas, but, I have to hand it to the Saints. Just about everyone thought the Colts would win, but, the Saints brought it and won. Yay! Who doesn't love an underdog? Colts fan, you say? Screw 'em. Just kidding, it was a phenomenal game.

Yesterday, before the game, I cracked the whip over small children, who STILL haven't done the chores I asked them to complete over two weeks ago. Standing over them drill sergeant like is effective just as long as I don't have anything else to do, like...laundry, dinner, baths, ironing, cleaning. Last night I had to start dinner, and as soon as I walked away, they were done trying. *grrr* Nice, doesn't work. Mean, doesn't work. Rewards short of a trip around the world aren't effective. Punishments short of death and dismemberment aren't effective either. How do you all get and keep your children motivated? Tell me! Tell me, please!

Today I am cleaning up 'Tornado Proud Children' that ripped through my living room last night while I was too involved in the game to notice. Yes, I do let my children stay up to watch the Super Bowl if they want to, but, I make them go to bed on time on election nights, so it all balances out. They took full advantage last night, but, my seven year old grabbing my hands and jumping up and down screaming, "We won! We Won! We so brought it, and we WON!!!" Made the whole thing worth it.

Last night I was really enamored with The Who and their halftime performance. I think I even posted on FB about it. This morning on the radio in the car, the morning show guy, who apparently also posted about The Who on FB last night, saying they sucked, replayed the audio...for all of the now sober Super Bowl revelers this morning. *ahem* I hate to admit to being wrong, but, I was wrong. While I think that the difference in audio quality between my television and my car stereo probably had something to do with the drastic difference...wowza. I do however stand by my declaration that they were heads above The Stones and Paul...they were impressive to watch, but, not totally on key...and I'm, uh, tone deaf.

Finally, I leave you with was way past bedtime and I was ready to hit the hay, my daughter sleeps in my bed, and the conversation went like so...

Me: "Hey there TLL, do you want to go to bed with me?"

TLL: "Yes! Yay, yay, yay! I get to go to bed with you" She laughed, smiled, and tugged me up the stairs.

BB: "I'll bet you're not used to that level of excitement. Don't get used to it, she'll outgrow it soon."

Now, I don't know if my 12 year old son meant this as off color humor, and I don't plan to ask, but, ouch!


  1. hee hee... we liked the game,and all stayed up to watch it but are all (kid-wise) paying for it this morning...
    in terms of the getting kids to 'mind'? NO IDEA.
    plus, you having SIX of them puts you in a league of your own, you get to make your own rules... burn the toys if they're not picked up, etc.. you do whatever the hell you want... you have SIX of them... holy crud...

  2. You are killing me. The Super Bowl started at 4:30 here in the west so we didn't have "stay up" Thank God! The Who sucked. sorry. they are old and clearly the NFL has a limited budget when it comes to the entertainment. But at least it wasn't the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus. I get enough of that with the tweens. 6 kids,really? you rock my world.

  3. If I'd have known Monday would be a school day, I'd have let the kids stay up to watch the game. I'm a sucky mom like that, but hey, it wasn't the Steelers playing so it didn't really matter to us one way or the other.