Friday, February 12, 2010

Bubble Bobble...if you search cheat codes, Google laughs at you

The game Bubble Bobble has ruined my life. Really. I know that those of you who know me on Facebook are saying, "That's Farmville, Viv." Nope, it's Bubble Bobble, the ancient game for Nintendo NES that I downloaded thinking it would be simple enough for my three year old to play on the Wii, and it is. Except, when he starts losing, he pauses the game and demands that you beat the levels for him. Sadly, he is only good up to about level 6. After that, he beats me over the head with the Wii controller that must have that soft silicone sleeve for just this reason. Maybe not just this reason, it makes a mean teething toy for a baby...just as interesting as car keys and more sanitary...because you can boil them. It seems I've fallen a little off my topic of conversation here, if you are wondering where I am, I'm not making grand plans for Valentine's Day, I'm sucking at a 20+ year old video game, that I can now remember not liking back in the day. I know you all are jealous. If I weren't me, I would be jealous too.

Okay, so I have to go call my sister now to let her know that my son found a manta ray on Facebook so she can adopt it and add it to her Fishville tank...and you guys thought *I* was bad? I've created a monster. Just kidding Sis, you know the kids uber love you for being the 'cool' one.


  1. I can't wait until the kids are old enough to play video games with me. I will make them rue the day they thought to challenge me. I will also make them challenge me.

  2. Oh viv, you and your games! Whatever am i going to do with you! I guess i can check beating you over the head with the controller, seems that tactic has already been claimed by another contender!

    So no valentines day plans to speak of....or will your day be spent playing "a 20+ year old video game" that you didn't like 20 years ago? ;)

    Luv ya! Hope your weekend is grand and concussion-less!


  3. just wanted to say hi! Still trying to catch up after being away for so long....

  4. I have to get my kids to play a game for me on Wii Sports Resort so that I can get to the next level. How sad is that?!