Monday, February 1, 2010

Am I even your mother?

Often I find myself lamenting my oldest daughter's lack of appreciation for the art of sarcasm, after all, it may be my finest virtue. Just when I am about to give up on her, she comes through. Last night, the baby was fussing, and I was talking to her, trying to calm her down, "such a sleepy baby," I cooed, "you're just tired, you want to go to sleepy, but, you just don't know how."

At that point, Jelly Bean pushed past me rolling her eyes. "If that is the problem, let me help you out. Baby Girl, you close your eyes, shut your mouth, and lay down." Then she looked at me, "now she knows how to go to sleep...I'm sure that knowledge will help."

On one hand she was sassy, and I probably should have reminded her to mind her manners a bit better, but, I was too busy pumping my fist in the air to celebrate. That's my girl!


  1. You know they say that the brain is physiologically unable to process or perform sarcasm at a young age. Seems to me you have yourself a prodigy.

  2. Bwahahaha! She's just been biding her time, waiting for the perfect opportnity. In another year you'll be wishing that she'd never learned that from you.

  3. My mother used to say all the time "i can't believe I gave birth to you sometimes"....

    and it was true, I for one TOWER over my little I have like five inches of height over flaming red hair in bitter contrast with her brown with blonde highlights...and my size nine foot....makes her little paws look like midget feet. lol

    and personality-wise, even MORE opposite.

    but now, in my 30's, now that i've grown into the woman I was always going to become, i'm realize how much i am like my mom, or maybe how much she became like me! not sure which happened exactly, but now, I don't think my mom would EVER think that she didn't birth me....I'm such a pain in her ass all the time, I'm sure I remind her all the time of what giving birth to me felt like! ;)


  4. haha There has been a time or two I have looked over a bit of sass simply because the sarcasm was so good!