Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is not an episode of your favorite show

***Proud Family Public Service Announcement***

Proud Children, please be informed that we do not live in an episode of Caillou...we CHANGE our clothes everyday.

Thank you,

The Mgmt (your loving but irritated mother)

My seven year old has now done this two weeks in a row...put the same clothes on that he took off the night before...and he wore them to school again. Why? Why would a child do this? He has an entire closet full of clean clothes. He had an outfit picked out by me, hanging in the front. So what is the reason here? After last week when I honestly didn't notice what he had done, until his sister ratted him out, I've been much more committed to scoping him out in the mornings. So, I asked him why? "It was easier Mom, my clothes were right next to my bed, and I didn't even get them dirty yesterday...or today!" My next question was why I didn't notice. "I put my jacket on before I came downstairs so you wouldn't see." Aaaaarrrrrggghhhh!!! What is up with boys?

Last Friday he wore a pair of his brother's jeans to school...and I didn't notice that either. They were two sizes too small, which translated to him not needing a belt and being prepared for a flood at the same time. I need sleep. Sleep would help me hone my skills to detect such wardrobe treachery. Then again, if I were to ponder this on a well rested, sharp mind, it might bother me even more than it does now. For the present, I've warned him that I'll elect for him to wear a uniform if I catch him at it again. Grrrr....


  1. ditto on the laundry.. just think...its also very green... maybe he's a progressive!!!

  2. just think with jeans that tight, you could put him in a choir and he could sing soprano! J/K. My 11 yr old still tries that one frequently. As well as my 9 yr old. I have to watch them like hawks. My friend got a laundry chute for that reason...once the clothes were taken off, they were sent down the chute not to be worn again. In my house that would back fire terribly I'm afraid.....my kids would consider it to be their own personal alpine slide.

  3. I love the part where he put on his coat so that you wouldn't notice. HE KNEW IT WAS WRONG, yet he did it anyway.

    One word: Boys.

  4. BOTH of my boys are like this. On days that I need to leave early for work & my daughter helps out she has had to stop Garrett & make him take off his hoodie to make sure he doesn't have the same t-shirt on that he wore yesterday. Though my oldest son has grown out of that at the age of 20 he was the exact same way. Closet full of clothes & they grow attached to 3 items that they want to wear all.the.time!