Friday, February 19, 2010

My children are slowing sapping my will to live

I had a blog post written earlier today, which my son was kind enough to erase and replace with a post in my youngest child's favorite tongue, Gibberish. He was also nice enough to publish his post for all of you. I have since erased it. I know that those of you with tyrant toddlers of your own, wanted to sit them down in front of the computer, see if they would understand his call, and if toddlers around the world would rise up as one and overthrow their parents' system of governing. I've ruined that for you. I'm sorry. Another day, another coup, perhaps.

For the first time in the nine months (today, she is nine months, can you all believe that?) my Baby Girl is sleeping with a pacifier. At least she is sleeping. I am, in the meantime, still nursing a headache from yesterday. It sucks. My three year old is washing his hands after a potty trip, with every intent to flood the kitchen. My 19 month old is beating me over the head with the broom handle, it isn't helping my headache, but, it is keeping her from screaming. Never mind, I take that last part back. Her little voice has returned to a fevered pitch, which is like shooting shards of glass through my aching brain.

My laptop isn't working. I spent 17 hours on the phone yesterday with some dude in Bangladesh, in order to send my laptop to be repaired in Texas. Go figure.

I had a notice from the Municipal Code Enforcement Division yesterday. They want the dead tree that is hovering over our house cut down immediately, or at the very lest within the next 15 days. My landlord is already murmuring about it being dead but not 'dry' dead and speculating that it might have been killed 3 years after it died by the spray the nursery (that we payed) used to kill the poison ivy. *sigh* Why can't anything ever be easy?

We are approaching the weekend. I'm not sure if I should anticipate this time with the children or dread it. Usually, I love the weekends because I have them home, but, as of late, tempers are running high between my boys. *sigh*

I am thinking about cleaning myself up and putting on make-up to go to a free beer tasting event tonight. I will probably not go. I hate going alone, almost as much as I hate being with strange people...which would rather defeat the purpose, right? Except for the beer. I love beer.


  1. sorry. i had more but was 'helped'. I think if you can leave the kids for a bit, that would be good, beer or no... go to a movie or something... have phone sex with hubby... anything that is non-kid related... shut em out for a bit...

  2. Yes. Claim some alone time. It's always hardest to get up the energy to go, but you will be glad once you are out.

  3. I agree I think you should go. On my worst days it's like pulling teeth to get me to go to an already planned event. My excuses are the same as yours. I don't want to go alone, I don't feel like being social, I'm too exhausted to think of a conversation that even might be interesting.

    Usually it is either Jeff or my daughter who will convince me to go & once I do I always end up having a good time & I feel better once I'm home.

  4. You know how I feel, Viv. get while the gettin' is good. But you should've ledt up the gibberish post.