Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Will update later if I have a stove to be grateful for???!!!

Think Tank Momma

Dear Mom,

I love you even though we don't agree (on anything, really) and I know that you love me. I also know that you have nothing but contempt for the way I have chosen to live my life. It isn't necessary to make snide comments every other sentence to reinforce the point. I can assure you that every parent who has more than two children isn't guilty of child neglect, just because they can't devote every second, of every day, to one child and one child alone. I know that my children "didn't get a choice about having more siblings." There is a very good reason for that...it wasn't my children's decision. Nor, is it *any* child's decision to have, or not to have siblings.

My oldest son does not "deserve a vacation." Childhood is a vacation. Even with all those siblings he "didn't ask to be born," he has a very good life. He also has rules to follow, chores to do, and expectations for school work to meet. He also has lots of love, and plenty of fun. I know that you think that you can give him more love and better fun, but, he gets lots and lots of both here at home, really. I am doing my best to grow fantastic kids. They are so awesome, that I suspect I must be doing something right. I know I am not doing it in a way you approve of. Has it ever occurred to you, that my sisters and I took a *whole* lot longer to pull our shit together than we should have? Maybe, just maybe...instead of raising children destined to make huge mistakes that they will learn the hard way from...I am raising self sufficient children who know what responsibility is, and who have good decision making skills? Perhaps, because I make them take responsibility and make decisions for themselves?

Thank you for caring enough to have such strong opinions. I will respect you for having so much love for your grandchildren that you care enough to share your feelings with me. Now, please respect mine. Stop putting me down in little ways, to serve as constant reminders of issues we have 'let drop' because it isn't necessary, it is only hurtful.


Your daughter


Dear Laundry,

You suck. I hate the way you take over my life and my floors. Thanks so much for the way you suck the time from my day. I hate that, as Kim noticed, you seem to multiply at such a rapid rate, surely, it must be of your own volition.

I hate that you are in cahoots with my children, always playing hide and seek with me. I hate how heavy you are, it kills me to carry you up and down the stairs all the time. I suppose I should give credit where credit is due, and thank you for keeping me from turning into the slothful creature I would happily become without you.

Laundry, you're an evil bitch and I hate you!


The woman who owns 15 laundry baskets.


  1. The letter to your Mom? It rocks! I know a certain Mother-In-Law who could use a copy. And cheesy ((HUGS))!

  2. This sucks. A great letter to your Mother. My Mom and I are not very close, but I know she wouldn't treat the kids with favoritism.

  3. I love that you are stating your feelings while still acknowledging that while misguided and hurtful, your mother is coming from a place of love.

    I think the best gift I've ever given the boys is each other.

  4. I think siblings are great for each other. You are doing a great job Momma!

    Laundry is....the WORST. I seriously would rather scrub the floors and toilets with a tooth brush than fold and put away laundry. HATE IT!

  5. Any chance your mom will read that letter? That would be a hoot. I love this post format...might have to copy it...I've seen it around the blogosphere these days...and I seem to be having SEVERE writer's block with every other topic I can think of. (last night was an exception)