Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gratitude With Attitude (and even some plain gratitude)

Think Tank Momma

Dear FCATs,

You suck.

I hate the way you stress out my kids. I hate the concept of failing a kid because they do badly on ONE test...a year full of straight A's are worth nothing if their FCAT score is bad. I hate the way you stress out the teachers, terrifying them that their schools and classrooms will be bare of supplies if they can't help deliver excellent scores on your crappy tests. I abhor you, stupid FCATs, I wish you would piss off.


The mother of a straight A student who cried themselves to sleep last night, worrying about you!!!


Dear Exhaustion,

I never wanted you as my constant companion. Please go away. I want to laugh. I want to run. I want to play. You haunt me, and you hold me back. I'm tired, but, I am also tired of you dragging me down.

What would it take to banish you? Sleep, you say? Fuck you too, Exhaustion. Fuck you too.


I want out of this relationship


Dear Willpower,

Where the hell have you been? When I need you the most, you abandon me? Has Exhaustion been scaring you off? Tell me!!! Tell me, why won't you come back to me?

Let's be friends again, please? Okay?

Missing you terribly,

Viv in the tight jeans


One letter of gratitude sans attitude...

Dear Teacher,

You and I, we knew each other. Though, it is fair to say not well. Your classes were of one sort, and my pursuits were of another.

There was the summer that you tried to convince me to learn your skills, but, I was too busy working and squirreling money away.

Today I am sad because I heard of your passing. You were loved by so many, and well respected, by still more.

Your presence in my life was just a fleeting kiss, barely a peck. The impact that even such a small brush with your person had, still remains. It was your kindness and compassion that gave me the first flicker of hope that I might not hate my new home as much as I had been.

Thank you. Years later I am here in my 'new' home. Yours was the first friendship that I knew here. I am still grateful.

You will be missed,

Just another pupil


Go see Think Tank Momma to play along!


  1. A Florida Mommy. We were stressed out at my house last night too. My poor little Kooper. He is ADD. He has a 504 plan which affords him extra time if needed, but he stresses so bad about it, every. single. year. :(

    Thanks for playing! These were great!

  2. This is where the schools fail. The no child left behind act wasn't implemented in order to use one test to determine a child scholastic future! I feel your pain.

  3. i gotta say, i think that exhaustion is def. the one scaring away willpower, that is for sure the M.O. in my life!!!!!

  4. Preaching to the choir here as far as standardized tests go. The exhaustion thing . . . you got me.