Monday, March 15, 2010

What is mommy blogging to me?

I blog because my children are my life. I give them everything that I have to give most days. I don't usually have much left for my friends, or even my extended family. Perhaps I should expect that, as the mother of six children, especially one whose husband lives and works several hours away from us. Blogging allows me to forge friendships, bonds, or just to socialize...but it allows me to do it at my own pace. When I am too tired to write a blog post at the end of the day, I don't. When there are IRL people who are counting on me, I run the risk of letting them down, because there isn't enough of me to give at this point in my life. I'm just too busy.

Blogging isn't just a matter of convenience though. Blogging is a benchmark for me. Writing used to be a hobby. I would write because I loved it. I haven't done that for many years. Life got in the way. I don't aspire to be a great writer, just a writer who isn't bored by her own words, or disappointed by how poorly she expresses herself these days. Blogging forces me to read what I write. It is the drill sergeant in the background calling for me to pull it together, and be all that I can be. One day, I will have time to go back to my roots, tighten my boot straps and really try in earnest. Until then, I have this remind me that it is better to write something, than nothing at all.

What kind of people have I met through blogging? Wonderful people. I've met supportive people, who are salve to my soul on days when the stress of my life is such, that I can feel myself buckling under the pressure. I've met funny bloggers, who make me smile. A few of them can even make me laugh out loud. I've met other mothers with big families. I'm afraid that I don't know anyone IRL with five or more children of their own. Let me tell you, Michelle Duggar is a hard act to follow, and I am very glad that she isn't my only inspiration. For that, who do I have to thank? Mommy Bloggers.

Blogging gives me a venue to channel my stress and frustration. It gives me a place to record the milestones that I would never write in a baby book. It gives me a way to share the things that fascinate, and alternately, those that frustrate me. Living apart from my husband makes me feel very alone in this parenting business. Blogging helps me conquer that. My friends in BloggyLand can't walk a fussy baby for me at three in the morning, but, they do stop by to say hello, when they are walking their own babies in the wee hours...and sometimes, that is just what I need.

I am a Mommy Blogger. I don't seek fame or fortune from this (good thing, right?) anymore than I do from being a mother. Just like being a mother though, I derive happiness from it. How can that be wrong? Being a mother is the most important thing that I will ever do in my life. These children are my opus. Why should chronicling my life as a mom, be the recipient of such derision?*

What derision? I should have explained first...go see Suburban Correspondent, she has the links to the articles that have me so annoyed, posted. Then, tell me why *you* blog. That is, if you still want to, after reading the article and some of those comments...ouch!


  1. I blog because f*ck the bitch that wrote that article. And by bitch, I mean man or woman. I <3 mommy bloggers.

  2. I am happy you blog, and if it's the NYT article you are talking about, who cares? the NYT has NO credibility anymore, a bunch of num nuts!

  3. I was wondering why everyone was coming over from your place today! I hope we can make you laugh. There are some days where, if I don't laugh, I would just die.

    Homemaker Man kills me.