Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today all I have for you is...stuff

I made the easiest cookies that I've ever baked tonight. 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of granulated sugar, 1 egg. I threw in a generous handful of dried berries and carob chips. Baked them at 350 for 10-15 minutes. They are yummy, healthy-ish if you aren't counting calories, gluten free, casein free, and I dirtied a grand total of one bowl and one fork.

My seven year old is a freak of nature. He'll eat peanuts by the can, but won't eat anything with peanut butter.

My next door neighbor has decided to have their roof done at the same time as ours. We share a chimney, and it needs to be rebuilt. That will save on the cost. Yay!

I still haven't found anyone without a death wish to take the pine tree down. It is over the house and about to fall. I am stressed about this.

I might be getting new carpet upstairs courtesy of some grandparental love. It will be life changing if it happens. As it is, my 30+ year old carpet is so yuck that I won't put the babies down on it ever.

I ate the rest of the jar of knock-off Nutella with a spoon in the middle of the night. I need help. The eating is getting ridiculous.

My 20 month old is terrorizing my life with ear piercing screams. The kind that actually hurt my ears from across the room. The terrible twos are here...early. Oh goody.

I took a nap today. I stole it. I needed it. I fell asleep sitting up at the computer desk checking math homework.

My kids woke me up to talk to our next door neighbor. Nothing like saying, "Mom is asleep."

It was at least 5 years before my husband saw me in the state I was in when I talked to the neighbor today. I've fallen so, so very far.

Today I counted the articles of clothing I own. That would be 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair with the ass ripped out and glued back I guess, 4 pairs of jeans. I have 2 sweatshirts. 2 long sleeve shirts. 2 dozen tee shirts that are either organic and earth friendly, sarcastic and utilizing blue language, or from a past employer advertising the bar or the booze served there. 1 pair of capris. 2 pairs of workout pants. 2 workout tops. 2 workout skorts. 1 dress. 3 pairs of shoes. Holy shit. When did I stop trying? I need to have my eyebrows done, get a pedicure, and a manicure because I have three broken nails. Again, when did I stop trying?

There is probably more random crappola, but, I'm too depressed to think of it now.


The 'Proud' is just a name, because my pride has left the building


  1. I feel ya. I keeping telling myself, this IS temporary...

  2. She is right this all IS temporary. Keep working on finding someone to take the tree down, the 20 month old will eventually out grown the ear piercing screams and one day you will be able to get sleep.

  3. I mean this literally.... HOLY crap.
    Its all that 'blessing' thats driving you to the nutella... :)
    it'll end, and by that, i mean, you'll get a new perspective on it soon... hang in there.

  4. I'm going to play group again today. My wife, only half-sarcastically said, "ooh, a shower AND shave twice this week?"

    "Don't get your hopes up," I said.

    Ok, going upstairs now. Me and the razor are gonna tango.

  5. oh, and by the way, i'm actually very jealous that you have so little clothing. I have a full closet that I haven't worn in four years and I can't give it away because 'i might need it someday' ... i'm not even sure any of it fits anymore but who has time to try it on ?