Monday, March 1, 2010

It is always something

I am waiting for the doctor's office to open because Baby Girl's eyes started to goop up on Saturday night. I am dreading talking to them because I am sure they'll want to see her, to give me a script for antibiotic eye ointment. On almost any day of the year that wouldn't be a problem. Today though? I have my truck which is acting up...a problem in itself. I also have two guys in trees over my house getting ready to start cutting them down and several guys up on the roof trying to replace it. I could leave for a bit, except...there is no street access from our backyard, it is strictly through the house. Crap.

What the hell am I gonna do?


  1. Hey Viv. Anyone you can call to just check up on the workers every so often?

  2. Explain that to the doctors you can't get out during the day today, and maybe they will call in an antibiotic today, and see if you can make a follow up appt for three days from now?

  3. go to the mall. go. buy something you can't afford and keep all those kids buckled up.

  4. I'm with Hillori, see if you can't call in and say you simply can't leave right now? maybe there is an after hours clinic??
    GOOD LUCK!!! HOPE little one feels better!

  5. See? The Boy has the eye goop. I picked up our prescription today. We have such parallel experiences it sometimes scares me.