Saturday, March 20, 2010

Watch me try to throw a silver lining on this load of crap

The current statistics are as follows...

Hercules, sick since Thursday 2 a.m., running a fever, which is currently 99.5, not medicated.
The Little Lady, running a fever since Thursday before lunch, It is currently 101, and not medicated because she spit up the ibuprofen, which may have been a product of her protestation, as opposed to her actual sickness.
The Baby Girl, started running a fever during the night. Not sure what her temp is, I got 99.5 when I tried to take it in her sleep. I suspect it is higher than that, I'll know for sure when she wakes up.

My truck won't start. The stove is still broken.

So...I am stuck at home with three sick babies, without transportation, or a way to prepare their meals. May I add that the only remaining charger for my cell phone is my car charger? No, because it is overkill you say? Fine. I'll leave that out.

I am too tired to cry. If I had even the slightest smidgen of energy, I would likely give in to uncontrollable sobs. Finally...something good that comes out of sleep deprivation!


  1. Oh my, you need a good friend to come over and bring a bag of groceries and a repairman (and a cell phone charger)!

  2. okay, i'm done, throwing a towel on the dirtymuddy floor and coming down there... this is too sucky and it must change faster than it is... MUST CHANGE.
    (i wish i could come down there and rock a baby or make a phone call... i do.) time for the kids to learn to drive or start kindling fires?!? maybe if you mention that idea to the landlord, things'll get fixed faster!

  3. I thought I had already commented: O Viv. You're living the lyrics to a country song.

  4. Seriously? I don't know how you are doing it. I freak out when major appliances, cars, etc. malfunction. I would be so done by now, I continue to be amazed that you just seem to hang in there.
    I hope the babes are better soon.

  5. What can I do to help out? I want to help in some way. Really.

    Do you have any family who could come check on the stove or the truck? Maybe a male family member to call your brother in law landlord about the stove. Do you have a contract or a lease? Anywhere that says the owner provides properly working appliances? If you do then maybe there is something legally you could do. Though since he is your brother in law probably not.

    I know you're a strong woman Viv, but you need some help sweetie. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Parents? Anyone?

  6. Why do bad things always seem to happen in threes? It just soesn't seem fair! I wish I coulde be there and fix it. Why kind of cell phone charger do you need...I have like 6 extras laying around from my hubbies old phones...maybe I have onethat you could use.