Thursday, March 18, 2010

A quick update

Around two this morning H woke up with a fever. No other symptoms, just a fever. TLL joined him in having a fever today. Again, no symptoms, just a fever. I find plain fevers really, really freaky. I am holding out to see what tomorrow morning brings, but, my anxiety level is hovering around 'batshit crazy.'

JB and LB are spending this weekend at my aunt's house. I think it is because I'm worried about the little ones, but, I am feeling really unhappy that they won't be here. Again, lots of worried feelings and throat blocking anxiety attacks.

My back is still killing me. This makes...a week now??? Ugh.

It is on a week like this one, that I really miss having a husband 'in house' to help diffuse the stress and anxiety. Possible broken bones, weird frightening fevers, general malaise, and a broken stove...are more than I would like to deal with solo.


  1. Fevers are great if it makes them sleep a little extra, though...

  2. my kids are being weird too lately, no fever but wierd 'coming down with something' wierd. I think its the damn daylight savings and their bodies just need to shift into it- some fever, some freakout... then fine...
    how're they today?

  3. You're in need of a nice, quiet, peaceful week! I hope it's coming up for you!

  4. You should drop the kids off in Miami this weekend and make a break for it.

  5. Hey Viv, just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and wishing your 'batshit crazy' away.
    Don't let the fevers spook you, maybe you will get some extra shut eye if the fever slows H down a bit!

  6. I agree with Homemaker Man's suggestions. At least the older kids.

    I'm so sorry. Phe is acting insane this week too, like he does before he gets sick. It's like he isn't in his head; he's somewhere else.

    We've had the mystery fevers, though, and they've gone away no problem after a day or so. I hope your kids are fine now!