Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gratitude With Attitude...the loving Mommy edition

Think Tank Momma

My Dearest Children,

Thank you for being such big helpers since Mommy hurt herself. Sure, I fell down the stairs in my haste to break up your fight...but, I blame nobody but myself. Mommy is in awe by the way you have picked up the slack by helping with the babies. Mommy is too high on pain medication to notice that *none* of your chores are getting done because you are playing with babies so that they don't 'saddle up' on her bad ankle.

Even though your toys are so strewn all over the floors (AND STAIRS!!!) in such a manner to prevent Mommy from being able to safely navigate her way on crutches, I am too grateful for the way you are, "watching TLL" and iCarly all at the same time to care. Really. You are little princes and princesses among mankind.

I would like to give an extra grateful shout out to the way you are keeping my mind sharp, by hiding your dirty clothes and forcing me to crawl around on all fours, plotting the path of least pain, as I go. As I make my 30th trip up and down the stairs today carrying your dirty clothes...I just want to say thanks.

There is the matter of your missing the bus that I would also like to address. The two of my children who were smart enough yesterday to 'forget' to set their alarms, and then sighed dramatically and said, "Too bad you're too hurt to drive us," as you eagerly grabbed the remote and cereal box...I KNEW WHAT YOU WERE DOING. That was why I dubbed yesterday, "Annual Spring Clean For Mommy, Because She Can't Day." I will admit that you did foil me by convincing your older brother to try the same trick today. His story was that his bus was early, and he "just missed it, too bad I can't drive him to school." Not only was I unpleasantly surprised, but, so was he. He is claiming that I hate him because I didn't bake him cookies and let him watch movies all day, like I did with you guys. WTF kids? How did I miss you growing into such manipulating little people? If you miss your buses tomorrow, I will call you a cab, and I will request the most frightening driver they can think of, and cheerfully send you off to school with the would be axe murderer...so, don't do it. Just, don't do it.


The Mother who is about to run the floor cleaner on crutches

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  1. Those kids are smart. Wow. You'll be glad they are on your side when they are taking over the world.

  2. Children keep the mind sharp for sure! Not sure that it isn't their fault that MY mind was slipping to begin with, but I definitely have to keep it sharp to keep up with mine! :D

    Don't hurt yourself while you are on those crutches!

  3. Don't blame yourself -- all children are evil. Really. Hang tough.

  4. I would love to see your cat in the pet high chair. But not until your ankle is healed, cuz it could get really ugly. kids suck, let's face it. they are cute for a minute and then they open their mouths. oy.

  5. If we lived in the same country Viv I would have come over there and taken your kids to school for you and then WE could have chowed down on cereal and watched movies.

    Hope your ankles get better soon!

  6. Eeek! I think kiddos are smarter now then we were. Hope that ankle feels better soon:) Until then. Defend yourself! lol