Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Very very random thoughts

  • After I changed Hercules today and I bent over to pick up his dirty diaper to throw away, he giggled, "hey Mommy, I can see your big butt."

  • Both my babies went down for a nap at the same time today. I would have really loved to lay down with them, but, I of course had to get all dolled up for my date with the garbage cans. Yes Jen, I thought of you fondly, or at least wryly.
  • After I figured out how to insert a link in the text, I was so excited that I called my bf, who is a computer programmer. NEVER call a computer programmer with news like that. I finally hung up on him, though I'm not sure he noticed and he could possibly still be laughing.
  • I took my scrubby sponge and the tub and tile cleaner into the shower with me today. I was actually excited about being able to clean the shower while the babies slept.
  • Finally, as truly pathetic as enjoying eradicating soap scum is, as sad as I am to realize that I have to dress up to take out the trash, as freakishly computer illiterate as I obviously am...I still have my pride. I could not care if I scare the neighbors when I haul garbage, I could have asked my kids how to insert a link, but, I do care and I didn't ask because I still have my pride. Apparently pride and a big butt are all I have left.

1 comment:

  1. How far you have fallen, Viv. I hope you and that soap scum enjoyed each other.