Thursday, February 19, 2009

I made lemonade today

  • I just figured out how to add two of my favorite typepad blogs to my dashboard thingy!!!! It was really pretty easy...for someone that isn't computer stupid.
  • It is now 75 outside and very, very sunny!!!
  • I might get ready and take the kids to the park, and it isn't even Trash Day!
  • My house is pretty messy, but the big kids will be home soon and I think the lure of the park combined with learning about indentured servitude sounds like a great plan.
  • I got the most awesome quote in the mail, I ordered it off a link on another blog and I love, LOVE, love it! I cannot wait to frame it.

I am in a good mood and pretty determined to have a decent afternoon even though my day stunk. I am still reeling from peeling back carpet in my children's room to find that there is not any padding between the carpet and the floor boards. I am further distressed that seemingly due to my landlord NEVER fixing the roof, and the carpet getting wet every time it rains, there is a thick layer of mold on top of the bare wood. *shudder*


  1. Oh, I'm glad you made lemonade, at least. And got mail.

  2. I'll admit that when I pulled back the carpet, after I taught my son a few new words, I ran downstairs and searched my medicine cabinet for my last emergency Xanax. I found the treasured little bottle, shook the pill out into my hand and it totally crumbled. Kind of cartoon like, it just turned to dust. So, I looked at the date on the bottle...filled in October 2000. I rejected my first impulse (which was to stir the dust into my coffee) and managed to actually laugh at how long I had been saving it.

  3. You should have put it (the Xanax) in your lemonade. Yea for mail. Good mail. It always makes my day.