Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey boys...I love you

Often my children make me crazy. I complain about this a lot. Rarely do I make the time to talk about the good things. Perhaps in this stressful time it is because the bad outweighs the good. Right now though I am filled with gratitude and pride in my two heroes from the last couple of days, my Big Boy and my Little Boy.

My two wonderful boys spent the last two days devoting themselves to helping me while I was sick. BB spent tons of time entertaining TLL, and even changed a couple of diapers. LB stayed on his best behavior and played almost nonstop with Hercules. They made it possible for me to spend as much time snoozing on the sofa as possible. It is without a doubt because of them that I am feeling so much better, so much sooner than I dared to hope.

Don't get me wrong, my house looks like there has been a Mom out of commission for a few days. My floor is almost completely obscured by clothes, toys, games, and DVDs. The laundry baskets are overflowing and so were the trash cans. It is because of the love and compassion that my two boys have shown me that I feel capable of dealing with all of these things. It is with pride that I recognize that though they may show little enough kindness and compassion to each other, they have both learned these lessons well. Today my heart is swollen with pride, and because no good deed goes are their tonsils.

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