Saturday, February 14, 2009


The result of the surprise visit on Thursday was that my grandparents saw my front door frame which has been broken for probably eight months. They decided that it wasn't safe and that they would fix it, screw the landlord. My grandmother nominated my grandfather to fix it and he came back yesterday to take measurements. Then he came back because he forgot a measurement. Then my grandmother came by to pick up the kids after school to take them to the park. Then my grandfather came back to fix the door. Of all of these visits, the only one that I expected was the visit to take measurements.

I really don't mean to sound ungrateful, because I'm not. I am really very grateful. I just wish that they would call first. That way I don't miss not one but two scheduled appointments for pictures. That way maybe between two days my children could take at least one nap each. That way I wouldn't be sitting here at my computer with HUGE GAPING holes all around my front door and rain streaming in those holes, with nothing else that can be accomplished on my extremely lengthy to-do list, because I don't know what time he'll be back to fix those holes. Stuff like that, stuff that I think could be better coordinated so that life could continue during this process.

On the plus side, our Daddy is home! I got to go to bed last night even though the kids were still up. I didn't get up with the baby once last night. I slept in until 8:30 this morning. I am rested. Well, I should be rested. Mostly, I'm frustrated, yawning and wanting to return to my bed for a nap. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention, my husband wants to volunteer for a 6 month rotation in Afghanistan.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Oh! Good! Because I'm guessing your household with a single parent is a lot *like* Afganistan, so maybe your husband can train for his voluntary deployment by voluntarily deploying to your house and being a single parent for at least a week, while you go stay at his place and visit the beach a lot.

    Also? Did you tell him NO?

  2. Oh, I hate myself for misspelling Afghanistan.

  3. I am in full agreement with Jen on this one.

  4. Oh poor thing! Seriously, you have got to tell your husband that Afghanistan is no place for a father of five children. I will pray for your family and for your husband to find direction.