Saturday, May 9, 2009


I have seen recently two things at Costco that I am drooling over. A Henckels knife set for $150 and a Keurig one cup coffee maker for $120. I was hoping that my husband might take the hint on one or the other.

He called and talked to my stepson, and when he hung up I told him that he should have wished his ex a Happy Mother's Day.

My husband's response? "Why, when is it?"

I'm pretty sure it isn't looking good for a gift...huh?


  1. Not a good sign. Maybe he's just trying to set you up for a great surprise? One can dream...

  2. Forget dropping hints. Just go treat yourself. You are SOOOO deserving.

  3. I'm with Kim. Get it and thank him for it. Maybe next year he'll spring for something less expensive, that HE CHOSE HIMSELF.

  4. No gift here either, even though he did remember.