Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day and more

Mother's Day started for us on Friday at LB's class Mother's Day Tea Party. In addition to yours truly, LB invited my aunt. Allow me to preface what I am about to say with assuring you that I know my aunt loves my children and that there is very little she wouldn't do for them, and that I am very grateful for that. Though, I wasn't terribly happy that my aunt accepted LB's invitation without talking to me about it. I was even less thrilled that LB wrote and presented his poem to my aunt. It down right annoyed me that she reacted by asking (very loudly) if I was "mad that the poem" was written to her. Finally, when LB gave her the flower pot that he had worked on, it hurt my feelings. I suppose it is safe to say that it is now documented how very shallow I am.

My aunt took Hercules, Jelly Bean, and Little Boy to her house to spend the night that Friday night. Please note that this is the same aunt who went with us to get H's cast off. On Saturday, she dropped the kids off. She kept their bathing suits, and instructed the kids to call and ask her to drop them off if they need them (like WTF??????) and she forgot H's splint. she was there with me at the hospital when they custom made the damn thing, she heard and asked questions about him having to wear it for three weeks...but from the time she picked him up until Sunday when we got it back...apparently the damn thing never touched his arm. She was kind enough to get flowers for me from the children, a balloon from H, and a card from all. I was touched. Being touched warred with being very annoyed that she constantly oversteps her boundaries. She also informed me that she will be attending school the day of LB's birthday, and that she would like to 'co-host' what I have planned for his class. There is nothing like asking! She seems to forever live under the impression that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Bitter much, Viv?

Mother's Day brought pancakes for breakfast, courtesy of yours truly. Then after my husband slept in, we all got ready to go out. While I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, BB gave me an awesome clay owl that he made in art (he did an excellent job) and JB gave me a beautiful card that she made in class that included the most lovely letter. Hubby contributed a card that was more of an effort than he usually makes, and it made me smile, granted not as much as the coffee maker would have. I finally managed to get everyone dressed and out the door, and we headed to the mall. The plan was to get new shoes for BB, but, we found nothing. I did get the sweetest outfits for JB and TLL, they match and are adorable! So in love with dressing my girls right now...right down to their socks and hair bows!

We had barely made it home when Hubby got sick. I'm not sure if he got the crap we had from germs lingering around our humble abode, or if it was the sub he ate at the mall...but, the man is sick. Granted...much sicker than I was, and far less able to even answer the kids when they talk to him, even though he isn't nine months pregnant...but sick. I made him stay here last night and I am not sure if he'll be able to go back tonight or not.

I hope all the Mommies out there had great weekends!

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh.

    You're a saint.

    About LB, I remember thoughtlessly doing something like that to my mom when I was little. I was in early elementary school and invited some older lady who was an assigned mentor at church, to a mother-daughter banquet. Granted, my mom was still there with my sister. I hadn't thought about how it would make my mom feel, at all. I think the woman called my mom and she said it was "fine." Of course, I remember the death glares my mom gave me all that night, which clued me in that it wasn't actually fine.

    I still feel AWFUL about it. Ugh. I just thought it was okay, or even nice of me to invite the lady, since my mom would still be there too.

    So sorry all this is going on.