Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby sling plea

It has been raining here since Monday. It is supposed to rain through Wednesday. There is something about a lack of sunshine that seems to suck the joy out of everything...including a new baby.

H is driving his father (and me, though to a lesser degree) nuts. I know that it is a bad case of cabin fever. He is actually a dream of a big brother. He really loves his babies and doesn't seem to be jealous. TLL is a different story...that girl isn't happy. I hope that she'll adjust after a few days, because right now it isn't pretty folks.

Which leads me to asking...can anyone suggest a baby sling/carrier? I have an el cheapo one that isn't comfortable. I hate it. TLL hates it. I haven't even tried the baby in it. I have never really used one, but, I'm a little desperate. If any of you have used one and liked yours...please tell me what to look for and offer any advice. Pretty please!


  1. I had a JJ Cole PreMaxx sling I LOVED with Helena. It was so perfect for when she was little and floppy, and it was truly hands free.

    That's the only sling I've ever had good luck with.

  2. There are reviews of slings at For a really cheap, truly comfortable and WAY easier than it looks sling, make your own no-sew wraparound sling out of t-shirt material. Yes, really. Great for around the house, not so awesomely cool for out in public, but I guess that depends on the fabric you find. There are directions for this at Learning to tie it would take about 5 minutes, so don't be intimidated. If there's a babywearing group near you, they can give you great advice and let you try all kinds of carriers. If you want to buy a sling, try a specialty internet shop, NOT a big box store. When I see "pefrect for little and floppy," I hear "has a really short useful life."

  3. I used the baby bjorn. I loved it. It worked well for tiny infants as well as bigger babes. they can face toward you or look out at the world. I got good use out of mine.