Monday, May 4, 2009

My 100th post

This is my 100th post, and while I am working on something a little more thoughtful than my normal stuff, today needs to be shared. Really.

For some strange and completely inexplicable reason, with this week being Teacher Appreciation week at school, I thought that for Compliment Day tomorrow we would do something a little more special than just paying our teachers a compliment. I thought that it might be fun to do fortune cookies, and let the kids write compliments instead of fortunes. Why overachiever Mom? Why?

I was out of vanilla extract and I needed rice flour for my daughter's teacher who has a gluten allergy, so we went to the store. I was starving, because eating has seemed like a lot of trouble the last few days, and an organic smoothie (the daily special) sounded like perfect fast breaker. While I was ordering at the juice bar, H went into a coughing fit...which left me scrambling to find napkins, because I knew that he would make himself throw up...and he did.

The young girl working the juice bar looked like she was going to toss her cookies. A grandmotherly looking lady and her husband were quick to bring me a plastic produce bag and some paper towels. They told me that they have 7 children (um I think that is what they were saying, my attention was elsewhere) and I was very grateful for all of their kind words and help. There is no doubt that had they not been wearing church name tags, I would have been more friendly and forthcoming...but, I had terrible visions of someone trying to sell me Jesus (I'm already sold...promise) while I was trying to keep my son's cast out of the line of fire and using my jedi mind powers to keep myself from getting the dry heaves. They didn't do that. They were just all around kind, caring, and helpful people. Thank you! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. toddler is semi soaked in his own vomit, and my children and I are stopped twice more so that curious onlookers can ask if they are all mine, when my due date is, and to tell me that I must have my hands full. Really folks? Really? I'm trying not to gag, I'm holding my kid's arm away from his body, I'm pushing one cart with my belly, and pulling the other with my free hand...and you would like to congratulate me? Uh...thanks. I think I said thank you. I hope I did, because what I was thinking was, "you have got to be shitting want to have this conversation now?"

I stripped H and put him in his car seat. I threw his clothes in the plastic shopping bag (I usually bring my own, I also usually have baby wipes in my diaper bag...not today though) and we headed home. I was trying to marshal my thoughts and gather my strength for dinner making and fortune cooking baking. I was almost successful until I opened the door and found Lake Air Conditioner Bye-Bye in my living room. Thankfully all of my linens were dry and available for duty.

Tomorrow is another day. One that is going to be 97 degrees without an a/c. One that will bring more laundry. I'm laughing. I can't stop. Turning the oven on to bake the cookies will probably sober me up. Whaddya think?


  1. Oh my God! You are having the most amazingly shitty year!

  2. This is too nuts to be true. Except I know better. God bless you, lady.

    Oh yeah, and congratulations!