Friday, May 15, 2009


I had planned to make a quick trip to the mall today. The game plan was run by Gymboree, spend some money, and then grab lunch and head to the grocery store. was the first day that the new train ran...inside our mall. A huge miniature train that ran from one side of the mall around and back! I was just as impressed as my two year old by the train zooming past our stroller.

We had patience, and our first stop was Gymboree. Where saving money, earning Gymbucks, and finding matching outfits for my girls has become my current obsession. Today netted me 2 matching dresses, 5 shirts, 2 pairs of capri pants, 2 hair bows, and a pair of undies. For $50...with a voucher for $25 to spend in July. My kids were so good while I was shopping that we just had to go and ride the train.

When we got off the train, at the play place of course, I let the kids play for awhile. TLL was in constant motion. She couldn't believe her good luck to actually be let down to play. It was fun to watch.It was a great day. We had so much fun. UNTIL, the big kids got home. BB has been nothing but sassy. JB fell getting on the bus and we're watching her wrist because the school nurse seems to think she could have broken it. H is crying because BB is being a brat. LB is being pretty quiet, but, maybe I just can't hear him over all the other screams.

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