Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another great day

Today has been a day to play catch up. Having Hubby home for an extra couple of days threw my schedule off, and as a result this Wednesday was much like a Monday for me. The only difference is that I can't indulge my guilty pleasure of watching Jon & Kate and eating dessert after the kids are in bed.

I caught up on the laundry. I actually have two more loads, but, they barely count. One is baby laundry and the other baby toys. I finally loaded the dishwasher and as a result I can see the bottom of my sink, and am able to fix dinner. A delightful dinner of Annie's Cheesy Shells and multi-grain garlic bread. Unfortunately, we are out of bread (and sandwich meat but there is always PB) so I was forced to present this other fine culinary option. I know the kids will rejoice.

The trash is at the curb...all two weeks worth as I was way too sick to undertake the haul last Wednesday. I still need to clean the kitchen counters, change the litter box, and wash the tile and kitchen floors. I am almost shaking with anticipation.

In other news, on tomorrow's agenda is a thorough cleaning of the children's room, and a good scrubbing of the bathrooms. If I am lucky, I will attempt to scour the frame to the bassinet and wash the bedding. There is only a 50% chance of success when I attempt to clean the bassinet, so I've been putting it off, but since Plan B is....nope, no Plan B, I guess it is time to see if we need to buy a new _____ or not. Do we get another crib right away, or another bassinet, or maybe a portable deal for the first few months??? Only time will tell.

TLL is rallying against the idea of another sibling at this late date. She is now getting up 4-5 times a night. I am so very tired. Very, seriously, tired.

In other news, the a/c is fixed. It only cost me a couple of hundred dollars...pretty good since it isn't even my damn a/c.

I think I am going to go and pick through the children's leftovers, because I'm starving. I figured out why when I opened the microwave to put the rest of the garlic bread out of the cat's reach, and my lunch was still in there.

Is it bedtime yet?

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