Friday, September 4, 2009

Open houses and some good natured finger pointing

Yesterday, thanks to a cruel twist of fate, we had two Open Houses to attend simultaneously. I'm good people, but, I'm not that good. I managed to lug my six kids, my huge Vera Bradley purse, my ginormous diaper bag, a double stroller, a single stroller, and myself to the school on time for Open House. *Did I mention that it was raining? I didn't? Good, I wouldn't want it to sound like I was inviting you guys to a pity party or anything.* We decided to go to my younger son's classroom first. His teacher is very nice. She had lovely things to say about my boy, but, I expected nothing less, because LB is an awesome kid. Then we made the trek to JB's class just in time to hear her English teacher ask us to address with our children the issue of too much "conversating" during class. I. Really. Wish. We. Had. Missed. That. Part.

Other random things about Open House include being able to talk to LB's teacher about one of the second grade spelling assignments called "Back-To-Front" in which they want the children to spell the words out backwards for homework. I will admit that I was annoyed about the assignment. I mean, there is nothing like teaching your kid to spell a word THE WRONG WAY to eliminate confusion. Imagine my delight when the teacher explained that it was a grade level thing and that she agreed with me. Out the window went that assignment, to be replaced with whatever works. I also found out that JB's teachers, the ones of 'conversating' fame, are using the card flip system for conduct. However, the first time they flip their card, it marks the student down to a B for the whole week. So, talk out of turn twice in a week and you have earned a C for the week. Ouch! In my other children's classes they start new each day and the grade for the week is an average, so in either BB or LB's classes, those two strikes for talking out of turn in a week would still average out to an A. Same with homework, if JB misses a homework assignment, her grade drops to a B immediately and of course she also takes a zero in that subject. My opinion is that their expectations are too high and the consequences too harsh for the fourth grade. Granted, this is my baby girl we are talking about, so I am trying to stifle the urge to rip hearts out of chests until it is absolutely necessary.

I would still love to hear from my quiet readers (Pompano Beach, I'm talking to you...and KY I'm talking to you too :) ) If public comments aren't your thing, everyone feel free to shoot me an email, my contact info is on my profile page.


  1. Lurking here in good old Nebraska. I love to hear that it isn't just my kids that do crazy things!

  2. I agree with you. Perhaps you should speak to someone? Maybe the Asst. Prin. or Prin.?

    Am I remembering things incorrectly, or did our conduct have NOTHING to do with our grades? Because, DOESN'T, does it? A couple of wise-cracks and a genius kid gets the same grade as a perfectly-behaved average kid? Stupidty. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all for kids behaving, but punishing them scholastically is an ill-conceivevd way of doing so...especially by someone who uses the word "conversating" with a straight face.

    Mine start pre-school on the 8th of September. I feel sorry for my kids' teachers in advance.

  3. Yeah, what happened to conduct being a seprate thing and getting something like and E,S,or ? What ever bad was. I'm in trouble if my little one has to sit for hours without talking, at all.

  4. Michelle, thanks for saying hi!

    Jude, you must know that I am very ill at ease with any teacher that uses 'conversating' the fact that she is my daughter's English teacher is killing me!

    Tanya, we all are. It's crazy.

  5. Perhaps Pompano Beach and KY are actually somewhere else? Your visits always show on my statcounter as coming from Washington state. Strange, eh?

  6. Monica, that is quite interesting. Has anyone else noticed if I'm from Washington? I can honestly say that I can't break it down by location unless I 'know' who is reading there.

    Ah well, I'm just floored by the increased number of hits here lately. Today, and Friday is usually slow, I've already had twice as many hits as yesterday. I was hoping that if more folks said hello I could figure out this phenomenon. Maybe it would be a better idea to quit looking a gift horse in the mouth.