Friday, April 9, 2010

When was the last time you wore a toga?

It is pretty much official, I am in a funk. Just about everything overwhelms me right now. I am feeling terrible, a good portion of the 'terrible' has to do with the crazy pollen in the air here and my allergies. Then there is the roof which is still leaking, the faucet which is still dripping, the circuit breaker which trips every five seconds, the dryer which won't work properly because of the electrical problem, and the oven which is still broken. H's sprained finger, my broken nose, my sprained ankle, the Pink Eye, the fevers my small teething one has, and a whole bunch of other things. Losing so much food when the fridge went, made me terribly depressed. Hubby's job issues have me frightened again. The whole sleep deprivation and resulting exhaustion have turned me into a non functioning blob.

Right now, my eyes are threatening to close. I had a nap this morning, but, it did very little to help. I am so spent, that an hour or two of shut eye can't bring me back from this seeming point of no return. I am trying to gather enough strength to do the dishes and clean up. Hard to muster when your body betrays you by letting you fall asleep sitting up.


A friend sent me an invitation to a Toga birthday party tomorrow. It is the only thing that I have found laugh out loud funny in days. Do people my age still do that crap? How do people my age still do that crap? My reaction was, "You've got to be [bleeping] kidding me!" and should I be depressed that I wasn't even tempted to go?


  1. Put away perishables, skip the cleaning, and go to bed. That's what I do when I can't do it anymore.

  2. It's the lack of sleep. I get depressed when I don't get enough sleep, too. Everything becomes overwhelming.

    Financial stress doesn't help, either. We had a few years like that, where I could barely breathe, I was so stressed.

  3. Viv, I feel for you, so so much. So much of what you wrote sounds like my life...right down to the puke and the pink eye. And work stress.

    Don't be depressed that you didn't want to toga. LIsten to HM, go to bed (hopefully you already did...this is a few hours later!). Listen to SC, sleep deprivation is at least half of your depression, if not a hell of a lot more. Try not to get depressed that the one thing you need is the one thing you can't get. Try to get some help in just so you can sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Sleep.

    And then give me this same advice in a few days when I have forgotten it due to my...sleep deprivation.


  4. Whoops, I guess you didn't mention puke...but the fevers, the broken bones, the job uncertainty, and the dishes that need to be done? Got 'em all here too... Oh, and the broken/breaking appliances.

  5. You've got to stop this. You have to have some help around the house. Don't make me come down there!!

  6. You don't me from Jane, but I were closer I would have brought you guys dinner by now. Hang in there -- you'll look back on this one day and wonder how the hell you survived.