Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gratitude With Attitude Tuesday

Think Tank Momma
Dearest Douche Bags at Starbucks Today,

I totally 'get' the need for coffee.

HOWEVER, if, in your haste to get your caffeine on, you plow into another person or vehicle in the parking lot, don't you think that is going to slow you down way worse than having another person in front of you in line?

Also, you Fucktard Bitch in the beat all to hell white Dodge Grand Caravan? You deserve to be 'coffee boarded' which is much like water boarding, except with that effing Latte you just *had* to have *right this second.* I know that doesn't sound very legal, but, just like Dick Cheney, I feel you warrant an exception to the rules. When you made an illegal turn across four lanes of traffic after I chose not to let you hit me, for the second time, even though it would have been your fault? I regretted my restraint.

This is supposed to be a thank you letter, so what can I possibly thank you for? Hmmmm...I thank you for waking me up, anger is a much more powerful stimulant than caffeine. Maybe that's why Starbucks has done nothing about the serious danger their parking lot represents.


Next time I see you, I'll be the one climbing out of my car...and I don't bitch slap.


Dear Waiter,

Thank you for saving me some mega bucks. I usually tip well. When I am taking up your table because I wish to have a leisurely dinner with an old friend, I usually tip *very* well. However, your eye rolling and hefty sighs gave me all the encouragement I needed to stick to a 25% rule.

The gator toes that you suggested were still half frozen when you served them to us. While I wasn't looking for a freebie, it would have been really nice if you had served us a fresh order, instead of nuking the cold ones. If you didn't believe me, you could have touched one...honest.

The python was excellent, as was the gator tail. I was disappointed that you were out of all sorts of good stuff, like kangaroo sausage and antelope. Next time, I'll call ahead...to make sure that YOU aren't there and that your menu items are.

A suggestion for your future? Nasty servers never make great tips, that is why they call it the 'service industry.'


If I had wanted shrimp, I would have eaten somewhere else


Dear Self,

Bitch, you are CRAZY! How did you let the woman at the pet store talk you into adopting both of their crazy hamsters? That is just what you needed. Two more living, breathing, shitting things to take care of. Better yet, two more living, breathing, shitting things that require massive amounts of time and energy to be rehabilitated.

Please be advised to stop this self destructive behavior before your children are old enough to have you 'Baker Act-ed.'

Thank you for proving that your heart hasn't gone the way of your soul...vacuumed out to make room for the ever increasing levels of sarcasm. Now, go clean out those cages, and let those hamster chomps serve as reminders of why you are another stoo-pid human.


The few brain cells that six pregnancies didn't kill


Dear Big Boy,

Each and every gray hair on my head was put there by YOU! I suppose I should have asked first, if you would mind my undoing all of your hard work...but, it is MY hair!

Thank you for proving that I am raising a young man who will actually notice details about women. However, you tuned out before we got to a critical portion of the lesson..."I really hope that washes out!" is not the way to make a woman happy. Please be advised, you heard it here first, even if it takes your future wife and a frying pan to drive the point home.


Your publishing this for posterity Mama


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  1. Coffee Boarding is absolutely the funniest thing I have read lately. Dick Cheney would approve?? Freakin' HILARIOUS!

    You write the best NOTES!!

  2. Your best GWA EVER! So, so funny. Back with a vengeance! :)

  3. Gator toes, python, gator tail, kangaroo sausage?? Where the hell are you eating?? EW!!

    Thank goodness our McDonalds just has cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets.

  4. That lunch is enough for a GWA, but then the hamsters?! Honestly, it sounds like something I would do...and that's just crazy! LOL Great letters.

  5. That was a good one. My three favorites: 1. Fucktard Bitch. 2.The transition from "Fucktard Bitch" to "effing Latte," 3. "Bitch, you are CRAZY!"

    Also, you still tipped too much, you ol' softy.

  6. I have a few individuals in need of a good coffeeboarding...

  7. I was in desperate need of a good laugh today - thank you for delivering!

  8. I have to agree with Homemaker man...you tip way too much. 20% rule around here 15% if you suck. Either way i wanted you to know that men are men regardless of their age. Big boy is just stating a fact. They really don't have filters from their brains to their mouths regardless of what they tell you.

    Great GWA's

  9. Bitch, you are CRAZY! First of all, hamsters? F-ing Hamsters? I have 3 cats to eat things like that. Secondly, adopted my ass. I don't care what THEY call it, if you got it at a pet store, you bought it.

    Hysterical GWA. I'd happily be your sidekick if you wanna go all Thelma and Louise on a Starbucks someday.

  10. LOL Well done! Doesn't it feel good to get it off your chest!
    Oh and python and gator? Where are you eating girl?