Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My blog name should be, "I Can Only Do Random."

I just ordered my new phone online. I have been holding out for a time when my children stop using my phone as a chew toy. I just can't hold out any longer. I ordered a blackberry. My oldest child has declared that he hates me and that more people like him, than like me, so he deserves a blackberry more than I do. While I am certain that he is correct, the chances of me shelling out the money for a 12 year old to carry a blackberry is slim to completely nonexistent. "Life is soooo unfair!"

I am also shopping, in a slow, planned, and orderly fashion for new living room and children's bedroom furniture. I have decided to replace the children's mish mosh of mismatched furniture with twin over twin bunks with trundles. Two beds will accommodate all six of my children. While I have high hopes that they won't necessarily 'need to' in the future, it is necessary for right now. Several Ikea organizers will be included in their remodels.

This Spring Break, I am trying to get my children on a much firmer, more reliable schedule. Last night the Baby Girl went to bed at 9:30 p.m., which I considered a small, but, mighty victory. I wasn't feeling so victorious at 3:00 this morning, nor at 7:00 when I handed her off to my first big child, out of bed. If I can manage to get them on a decent schedule, I will not be looking forward to Hubby visiting, because it is him encouraging them to stay up wayyyyy past their little bed times, which throws everything to hell to begin with.

Twelve year old sons are demon spawn. This morning I wrote a (somewhat) loving comment to a friend of a friend about her tween. Glad she caught me early, right now my advice would be, "Do you know any Gypsies? Pay them to take him." Twelve year old boys have pregnant women beat in the crazy hormone race. Ugh! Now I understand boarding school.

Okay...I am off to clean my floor, wash some clothes, and make lists (shocker) for my shopping day tomorrow! Y'all have fun.


  1. I've been through 1 12 yr old and Sparky's son is just now 12. I completely remember all that testerone building up & them not quite knowing what to do with all of it. My oldest went through two years of back talk, nastiness. Then about 14 he seemed to level out.

  2. I have four-year-old twin girls....which means that in twelve years, I willl have sixteen-year-old twin girls. I'm figuring I should leave before then. Know where I should move to?