Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The pee pee dance

I do hate to knock Gymboree because I love their clothes and I love their sales, but, I will fault a children's clothing store for not allowing a pint sized customer to use their bathroom. If I were in retail (been there, done that) and most of my customers were in diapers or potty training, I think that I would have a restroom they could use, because if it weren't just good business, it would also cut down on the number of 'biohazard spills' I would have to deal with in a day.

I had dropped by the mall on Monday with a game plan. I wanted to get to Gymboree and put all the extra special deals on hold so that I would be able to swoop back by today and buy them using my ample supply of Gymbucks. Since I am not one of those gauge your eyes out if I see you so much as glance at something in my kid's size kind of moms, I was nearly trampled to death and maimed for my efforts on Monday. Having barely escaped with my eyeballs intact, I was loathe to return today to claim my bargains. I was even less excited about the trip to the mall with all six children. I was brave today and I persevered, we stood in line for what amounted to eons. During the long wait, my daughter announced that she had to go to the bathroom. I asked the sales lady where their bathroom was only to be told that their facilities were for employees only, but, that I could make mine a traveling circus and head halfway across the mall to the public restrooms.

I wasn't very happy about that. Not happy to give up my place in line. Not happy about having to return and stand in line for another half hour. Not happy about a children's clothing store not even trying to accommodate us. So, I huffily requested they put my stuff back on hold because I would have to return tomorrow. God help them if they put my things back. Really. Because, the next time I would have to pull down my daughter's pants and have her pee on the floor next to the register.

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  1. Hilarious (the part about peeing by the register)! And I, too, am sorry that they don't have a bathroom. Too often, the corporate heads do not place themselves metaphorically in the front line in order to understand consumer needs. Having a 'slow year' here, so no Gymboree in my immediate future. I do love their clothes and sales. Soft, durable, and only affordable on sale.