Thursday, July 2, 2009

My baby is one year old today

Today is The Little Lady's first birthday. She is a beautiful, chubby, smart baby. She has plenty of hair for me to put bows in and the most amazing great big gray eyes. She steals our hearts again every time she smiles and her laughter is infectious. She is taking steps by herself now, but, she isn't quite ready to walk yet. She is late to play the teething game with just her front four teeth. Everyday she says new words and impresses us with the games she plays. Her personality is is laid back and cheerful, but, she has a temper to match my own. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the love I feel when I look at her. She is our little princess. A true Daddy's girl (he dotes on her) and still her Mommy's baby (I might dote on her a little too) our Little Lady is a big blessing.

Happy Birthday! Mommy and Daddy love you so much and your brothers and sisters adore you too!


  1. Oh, happy birthday! She is a really beautiful baby. I want to kiss her myself.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl.

  3. Happy Birthday TLL! You are a charmer, that's for sure!