Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby!

Blowing out their candles.

At his 3rd Birthday Brunch this morning.

The cutie always steals the show!

"I'll have a mimosa thank you," said Mom, "because really don't I deserve one for surviving the terrible twos?"

This year has brought many amazing things for my Hercules. His speech has taken off and now there isn't anything he can't say in either English or Spanish thanks to Handy Manny, Dora, and Diego.

He has been made a big brother again in the last year and I must say that he is the very best big brother. He holds "Wayla" and hums little songs to her while kissing her softly on the head and telling her how much he loves her. He has continued to be a great big bro to TLL. "His girls, " he calls them. I can't articulate how proud I am of the love and attention he lavishes on them.

My little man makes my morning with his sweet, "good morning Mommy," always served with a smile and a kiss, sometimes a little cuddle time too, but, only if I am very lucky. As much love as he gives his Mommy, he is still a Daddy's boy too. There is nothing like the twinkle in his eye and the smile on his face when Daddy walks in the door after being gone. Christmas morning pales by comparison.

I can scarcely believe how smart he is, singing the alphabet song, counting, and then counting backwards. His mind is sharp and easily figures out how things work and the mechanics of almost everything. I am on a daily basis amused by his wit and frustrated by his cunning. No matter if I am laughing or crying, I am blessed to have this amazing little boy in my life...and I am forever in awe that this perfect little man is mine. I love you Hercules, have a happy birthday!

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