Sunday, July 19, 2009

Date night

Last night, my step son came over and gave my husband and myself a few precious hours to ourselves. The problem was deciding what to do with them. We drove out to the movie theater. The only movie my husband wanted to see was Public Enemy, the only movie I wanted to see was Ice we agreed to not see a movie.

We then headed to the mall. My husband added to his American Eagle tee-shirt collection. It is actually something of a joke, every time we go shopping my husband buys an AE tee-shirt. He now has 30+ tees from them and 3/4 of those are gray. We also visited Gap. What the hell happened to them? It used to be a nice-ish store, but they were oozing Old Navy quality yesterday, which is cool for fast growing kids, but impractical for lasting adult duds. Nevertheless, I picked up a polo and a tee for BB and a pair of flip-flops for LB for a grand total of $10.04.

After the mall we agreed to have dinner out. We ate at Carrabba's, and my husband didn't even complain when I had a beer AND a glass of Sangria. We even ordered an appetizer. For us it was definitely a treat of a caliber unseen since our 10th anniversary.

It is amazing how well we get along in the absence of our children, and yet, I feel at a loss without the kids. I am beginning to wonder if my idea of a good time will forever be zoos and animated movies. I am also starting to cringe at what now qualifies as a date night. Shopping malls and family restaurants are a long way from the Irish pubs and and dart shark bars of my past.

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  1. Yea for date night! Our last one was about the same. Olive Garden and Wal-Mart, lol.