Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One little man strikes gold

I took H to the mall on Sunday. His reward for being good and walking with his monkey on his back (read he was wearing his kiddie leash) was a ride on our mall's new train. This miniature train is awesome. For three dollars you get a ten minute train ride all around the first floor of our indoor mall. The train is still very new however, and it attracts lots of attention from unassuming customers who aren't expecting it.

So...we're on the train, in center court, shoppers staring at us, people waving...very much on display and H sticks his finger up his little nose, quick withdrawal, then promptly puts his little treasure in his mouth. In front of roughly 100 staring spectators. Hey guys...who wants to ride in the blue car now?

This may just qualify as the ickiest, most embarrassing moment of my life thus far.


  1. I'm really sorry...but I laughed. Thanks.

  2. Yummy. Miles sometimes asks first.
    "My can I eat the booger?"
    He doesn't wait for my response is the only problem!!

  3. I can't even get embarrassed about it anymore. I am surrounded by so many people who are completely open about eating their boogers, that I'm starting to think of them as h'ors d'oeuvres. Maybe all they need is some festive toothpicks!

  4. That is one good thing about Reiss's sensory issues - he does NOT pick his nose. Never has! People rarely believe me when I tell them he doesn't pick his nose but seriously, he will have a meltdown many times if he spills water on his shirt. There's no way he's having any part of having slimy boogers on his hands.