Sunday, June 28, 2009

A quiet weekend

Mommy and Jelly Bean after our lunch date. We had lunch today at Chili's, and then we had dessert at the coffee shop in the book store. It was a really fun time. We are wearing eco-conscious Mickey Mouse tees. Mine isn't exactly flattering, but, at $7 and $4 they were a bargain. LB and I went out for lunch yesterday. LB is more like me in that he is pretty conscious about what he eats, and he requested lunch at Whole Foods instead of a restaurant. We enjoyed the fare from their grill and topped our meal off with some overpriced gelato...I had the peanut butter and banana mixed...yummy!!!

Hercules, Little Boy, Jelly Bean, Hubby, Baby Girl, Big Boy, and The Little Lady waiting for ice cream. This was kind of a lazy weekend (for some of us more than others) so today we took the children out for ice cream before Daddy had to leave. At least one family moment was stolen before the weekend ended.

LB and JB reading her book. JB really loves horses and after looking at a giant horse book, we found her a fiction book about horses. Mommy is going to go back and pick up the giant horse book and hide it away until her birthday in August.

The Little Lady. I went shopping for clothes that could possibly fit me yesterday, and all I managed to find at the mall were clothes for the kids. This is one of TLL's new dresses. She is way cuter than I am anyway.

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  1. I think it's really nice that you get to have one on one time with the kids, even if it's not often. I hope to do that when I have more then one. Right now it's constant mommy and J time.